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After School Homework Club

Just a reminder that a homework club is held in Mrs Irving’s classroom from 3-4 every Thursday.

All children are welcome and do not need to be accompanied by a parent or adult – they just need parental consent.

So, if you think your child could benefit from some extra support to complete homework tasks, then please send them along.  Laptops are available if access to Bug Club is required.

Mrs Irving

Creative artistry using mindful techniques

Parents and children alike enjoyed another Mindfulness session this week.  As well as participating in a shared yoga session, they created works of art using sand and paint.

Using sand as a medium to express their thoughts was not only different, but quite relaxing as everyone took their hands and fingers for a walk through the sand, feeling the texture and softness of the grain to create different patterns.  Staff enjoyed it too!

P5i Step Back In Time

Pupils enjoyed a visit  from Darvel Telephone Museum this afternoon. P5i are a lot more knowledgeable about the invention of and improvements to the telephone thanks to Mr Flemmich,

 who runs the museum. Children enjoyed the hands-on experience of touching and using the phones and seeing for themselves how  heavy they used to be. Hannah and Rueben can vouch for how heavy the first mobile phones were. They could hardly lift them!


Welcome Back P5i

It was nice welcoming all the children back this morning and I hope everyone had a lovely break.

Spelling homework for this week ( due on Friday)  is the sound ‘ae’ and the many different combinations that make this sound,                 as in:     ‘ai’  ‘ay’  ‘ey’  ‘ei’  ‘a-e’ …

Maths homework ( due on Thursday) is the 6 times table and a recap of fractions taught in P4 –  which should be completed neatly in homework jotters.

Could I also ask parents to support their children as they continue to  learn their times tables and improve their weekly ‘Learn Its’ score. As discussed on Parent’s Night, children are expected to recall number facts on sight and therefore need much more practice as they are accumulated each week.

Last week’s Learn Its were:     8+9; 3+8; 4+5; 6+7; 5+11

This week’s Learn Its are:        9+3; 12-8; 4+8; 5+7; 12-7

Mrs Irving






P5i Parent’s Night

Thank you to all parents who were able to attend last night. It was nice having the opportunity to put faces to names and to discuss the progress of pupils. Although it was a busy event with short appointment times, I enjoyed learning more about each child and discussing ways to help them get the most out of their time in P5i.

If you were unable to attend I am more than happy to arrange an appointment for another day. Please phone the office to arrange a  suitable time to meet after school. I am available most days until 5:00.

Mrs Irving

P5i Homework Helpers

Parents, are you stuck helping the kids with their homework?

Fear no more because help is on hand. Just ask your child! They know what they have to do and they know how to do it.

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about phonemes, digraphs and diacritical marking. Diacritical what?  you may ask.

Well, here are photos to show your little treasures in action as they use diacritical marking during active spelling today  – and haven’t they done well.

Why not ask them to tell you about it and then have a go yourself. Like the kids, you’re sure to enjoy it.

And thankfully this afternoon the rain stopped long enough for us to go for a quick jog around the playground. As you can see, it fair livened them up!



Daring Deeds @ Dundonald Castle with P5i

My Lord, Ladies and Gentlemen, we the courtiers of P5i beseech your attention for the squires and ladies of P5i who, with your consent, attended a gathering of Royalty and aristocracy at Dundonald Castle.  Your perusal of the evidence herewith would be much appreciated as it highlights the enjoyment, co-operation and participation of your own loyal subjects.

An honourable mention goes to Emily Walker’s mum and                  Mrs Irving’s husband for their allegiance  to the cause.



P5i No Pens Day – and other news

How did we cope without pens today? Well going by the enthusiastic response of the pupils, very well actually.

With the help of snap cards, jigsaws, dominoes,  division cards, general  knowledge quiz, literacy criterion,  problem solving, critical thinking,  and teamwork, learning for pleasure was the order of the day. And not a pencil to be seen. All children participated fully in all aspects of their learning today – and had fun. We even had a visit from the SSPCA to round off our day.

PARENT’S EVENING appointments have been allocated and children should have a note of times in their school bags. Thanks to those who have responded and I look forward to meeting you all next Tuesday. There are still a few slots available between 4:30 and 5:50  if you haven’t been in touch yet.

DUNDONALD CASTLE.  A super day is in store for all tomorrow. It is a fun packed day where children will dress up, act out and discover what life was like in medieval times.  As we  will be outdoors, children should wear rain jackets and school uniforms. Trainers are ideal for walking around the castle and grounds.

I hope you like the photos that helped capture how busy we all were today.