P4 Home Learning Picture Gallery

This is a page to celebrate the fantastic learning P4 having been experiencing at home. P4 staff will post photos we see on the blogs.

Blair took on my spelling challenge and totally smashed it!!💫

Shaw did some colourful active spelling🌈

Violet celebrated her Gran’s birthday and enjoyed spending time at the Dean Castle.

Erin has been enjoying books from the Dick Institute’s Borrow Box App, playing tennis and doing times table challenges.

Jack has been busy creating a chill out den, coding and decorating!


Blake worked on his football skills as part of ‘Positive Choices Week’ 

Nathan played football today with a ‘Crazy Hairdo’ for his ‘Onthank On Foot‘ task today. A great look!

Tyler has been working on some adjective and sports theme tasks. He also created his own banana split.

Haleigh’s positive choices activities include using healthy food to make art and cycling to keep active.

Jessica has been exploring positive choices by making fruit kebabs and researching how to become an optometrist.

Tulisa and her Mum ran 2miles along the beach today as part of ‘Positive Choices Week’.  You will both sleep well tonight.


Blake and his sister Ava made ‘Fruit Funny Faces’ as part of ‘Positive Choices Week’. These look amazing.


Ollie made a ‘Positive Choice‘ for his lunch today and made a lovely salad bowl.

Lennon has been enjoying country walks to see the horses. We have had lovely weather for big walks.

Tajveer completed her ‘Onthank On Foot‘ tasks for Monday – Wear a colourful outfit. Looking lovely Tajveer! She also did the Tuesday task – Wear odd socks.


Life Skills – Alfie has been helping his dad build scaffolding for his garage. Good work!

Violet shared this powerful positive message…

2 hands 1 heart


Shaw used great words and phrases to describe himself.  I love the DFS friendly colours that he used too!  He also created a huge symmetrical ladybird.


Kaylah was able to solve the sudoku problems, practise symmetry and tessellation and completed races for sports week. 🏅👏🏻

Alistair has been working on several literacy skills including adjectives.

Tyler completed 3 races earning points for his house team.👏🏻🏅

Ollie ran over 2miles cross country today with his dad. Amazing effort! Click on the link below to see Ollie in action.


Some great adjectives used to make the story interesting! Well done Tulisa!

Well done Tajveer! Lovely nature symmetry!


Eden created her own tessellation for maths this week.  She has done a super job!


Ellie wrote about all the reasons that she loves summer.☀


Shaw was thinking about his future job as a footballer and all that would be required to be successful.

Erin has been working really hard to write her story.


Jessica practised her measuring skills by checking the height of a tree using a measuring tape.

Nathan researched his dream job. He now knows which skills and qualities are required to be a footballer. He is aware that there are challenges too.

Tulisa enjoyed being a scientist. Maybe this will be your future career?

Tyler has been making lovely chocolate cake this week 😋.

Kaylah has been super busy this week. As well as doing lots of maths she has completed some snapshot mats and helped to plant some vegetables.

Tulisa has been reading a Roald Dahl favourite and has now completed the book! She has also been enjoying imaginative writing

Haleigh and her family sent us a fantastic science experiment video where they created a lava lamp! Very cool. For those interested in trying it instructions will be put on to the STEM page.

Willow has been helping to cook at home, including fresh toast which she gets to flip 😀. She also came up with super ideas for a fantasy quick write grid.

The P4W boys love to build with Lego in class. Blake has been building lots at home too. Great designs!

Nathan had a go at making a ‘Fruit Face’ and a ‘Fruit Kebab’. Lots of colourful fruit. Enjoy!

Tajveer has been using Lego to make her spelling words this week! Super work!

Noah has been helping his mum trial an exciting science experiment, it looks like the experiment worked really well.

Airen has been very busy designing and building a castle fit for William Wallace, amazing job Airen.

Nathan has been thinking about which skills and qualities he has and he linked them to jobs which he might be good at and enjoy doing.

Alfie has been running 5ks with his mum to keep fit and wore his school uniform for ‘School Uniform’ Day on Friday. He practised spelling using Lego and did some of the Deadly 60 task.

Kaylah worked on her writing skills using a quick write grid, found out more about reptiles using the Deadly 60 task and learned how to draw Stitch.

Jessica helped weigh out ingredients to help make delicious cookies 🍪.  She also designed a book token.

A team effort from Alfie and his Dad. Alfie explored how to make 3D shapes. He made himself a comfy wee den to chill out in!


Nathan has been learning Sign Language and can now spell out his own name.


Jaxon has been busy reading his new book and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Alistair and Rhys helped make a birthday cake for their mum and learned Happy Birthday using sign language.  Alistair also made a photo frame using twigs.



Kaylah drew her health hero and had great ideas for a fantasy quick write grid.

Haleigh and her family spent 3 weeks completing this 1 000 piece jigsaw.  She has also written a letter to her pen pal in New York.

Tulisa has been busy making her bird feeder! Lucky wee birds in Kilmarnock to have all these gardens to visit:-).

She also made a great castle! Love the flags!

Nathan made a fantastic bird feeder and hung it on the fence. Try and get photos of your bird friends who visit your garden.

Jaxon made this planter with his dad this week and practised lots of maths skills.  Super effort!!

Jack did a project on Barcelona FC  and used the internet to find the facts. He also copied down the Barcelona football strip and the badge.

Check out Blair’s matchstick house that he made with his mum.  Can you spot any angles?

I totally love the apple bird feeders made by Shaw and Cori.  Tweet! Tweet! I’m sure the birds will too.

Erin had a great time measuring the distance her paper plane travelled and so did her dog!!

She has also been making some delicious cupcakes…

and skipping.  Well done Erin👍

Ella has been busy doing number work.  Look at her beautiful presentation!

Brooke enjoyed spending some time at the Dean Castle with her family…

and baking a birthday cake for her Grandpa. Yummy!

James has built a very creative castle for his Maths task this week. Well done.

Olivia and her sister made this super poster to promote the face masks her parents made.


Imogen has been very busy building her Fairy Castle, she has used lots of new skills to construct it.

Evan has been working on his times tables, great job!

Airen, Noah and James have also been busy. Airen thinking of a job for every letter of the alphabet, Noah writing a scary story and James working on time activities.

Blake has been researching Tigers. He has learned lots of new facts!

Nathan has been learning his 7 Times Table through a game of Hopscotch.

Tajveer always enjoys an Art challenge. She tried the Mindfulness hand task in the ‘Fun’ tab. Well done!

I enjoyed taking part in the virtual assembly with this fantastic bunch. 😊

For football fans out there – Tyler practised his 8 times tables and spelling words by kicking his football at the correct answers in goals. ⚽🏆

Tyler also created VE Day bunting which is one of the STEM activities this week.

Jack has had a busy week and has been making a Lego maze and doing active spelling.

Shaw has been busy doing active spelling and has designed a new football strip.

Tyler has been doing some of the sheets from his folder. He has also been learning about countries and flags and designed a new strip for a team named after the NHS-lovely idea.


Alistair and Rhys have become World Record Holders for camping with 84 000 people in over 67 countries for a month.  Well done for your dedication and we hope you had fun!  If you fancy camping check out the Outdoor Learning page where Mrs Klein has posted some ideas.

Tulisa had a think about what her perfect day would be after Lockdown. She would love to have a day at the beach.


Nathan created a fantastic obstacle course in his garden. This looks like so much fun. Well done!

Nathan also had a go at designing a new kit for his favourite sport….football!!


Tajveer took on the Health and Wellbeing challenge and she designed a new kit for her favourite sport which is swimming. She even had a towel and soap as part of her merchandise range.

She also had fun colouring a VE Day celebration picture.


Alfie made his bow and arrow.

Kaylah’s hand washing friends and Morse code message.

Miss Ellis and Tajveer have been very arty today and have followed the tutorial on how to draw a ‘Health Hero’. Both have made a great job of them. I hope that you will be holding them up at the NHS clap at 8pm tonight.

Nathan in P4W had a go at the Health Hero today! Excellent!


Jaxon made a bow for his maths challenge and his arrow went over 21.4 feet!! Super effort!


Shaw has made a great fact file about bumble bees and has created a Morse Code message.  Can you solve it?

Haleigh has become an astronomer and was able to see Venus using her telescope.  She and her sister have also been planting seeds.


Alistair found out some fascinating facts about ants.

Kyle has been trying out the obstacle course he created. Great job Kyle.

Alfie has been working hard on Fractions this week. This looks very active. Well done Alfie!

He has also been enjoying spending time with his guinea pigs and he did some writing about them. Super cute!



Ollie did his Maths outdoors today. A team effort with his Dad who set it all up for him to complete! Well done!



Jack has been collecting loads of items for his scavenger hunt and he also designed and built a skateboard with his K’nex.



Violet has been busy baking at home – it all looks delicious!!

She has also been enjoying den building and eating marshmallows!









Mrs Easter and her boys have been on an adventure today.  We went a walk this morning to collect sticks, then we made them into bows and arrows. Here we are in action.

Harry shot an arrow the furthest measuring in at 6m49cm!! Can you beat that?

Kaylah and her brother created and played a large version of noughts and crosses.


Blake wrote his times tables in chalk! Very creative!


Tajveer has written a Morse Code message for us. Can you work out what it says? The Morse Code alphabet is in the ‘Fun’ tab.

She also tried the drawing tutorial in the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ tab. Amazing!


Tulisa watched ‘Lucy in Lockdown’ and then had a think about how she was feeling and what she is missing most right now.


Nathan has been busy making yummy cakes! I wish that we could all share them.



Maia has done a fantastic job making a set of instructions for growing cress. Why don’t you try to follow her instructions and try to grow your own? Great work Maia.

P4E have been busy at homeschool. Here are some photos of the things they have been getting up to.

Ione found some lovely ladybirds in her garden.


Haleigh and her sister built a bird box for their garden.


Tajveer made a fantastic poster to promote keeping the oceans clean. Good work!

She also enjoyed learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly.



Brooke made some wonderful tinfoil artwork. Beautiful colours!


Shaw has been busy thinking about Earth Day. Well done!


Blair and his dad have been working out with Joe Wicks!

Super effort!


Nathan has been really busy. He was working on his tricky words outdoors and he also revised his 7 times table in a creative way.


Tulisa loved the butterfly task in the ‘Outdoor Learning’ tab. She drew a beautiful butterfly.

She also went on a lovely walk with her dog Buddy and she saw squirrels. She even wrote a great story about her adventure.



Alistair’s active spelling work 👍🏼

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