Outdoor Learning

Learning does not just happen inside a school building.  The outdoors has huge potential for learning across all areas of the curriculum.

Learning outdoors engages our learners in many different ways. Children are encouraged to become involved in emotional, physical, aesthetic, spiritual and cognitive experiences as part of their learning.

I will be posting ideas and activities here and look forward to even getting a little bit muddy!!

Mrs Klein😎


Summer Time is Round the Corner☀😎

Summer is nearly here so I’m going to post a selection of summer related activities for you to choose from over the next few weeks or even over the holidays.  You choose!

Summer time officially starts on Saturday 20th June this year and this is known as The Summer Solstice. The summer solstice officially marks the beginning of astronomical summer.



Get crafting and make a sunny sun burst weave




Get busy and get outside with this huge selection of ideas. Enjoy!


World Oceans Day – 8th June 2020

How can we make improvements to our environment?



Take Maths Outside🌄

Use your maths and numeracy skills outside with these activities. You may have to change some of the activities slightly to make them work best for you.

Activity Cards Maths Outside

Challenge Cards Maths Outside


June in Full Bloom 🌷

What exciting things can we expect to see happening outside this month? Take a look at the PowerPoint below and make a poster or an exciting fact file about what you learn or even make a list of interesting new words and create a glossary page. Look at some books at home to remind you what a glossary page looks like.  Remember it will have to be a non-fiction book.


Creative Corner

Let’s get creative with sticks.  What can you make using sticks?  Check out the clip below to get some ideas!


Birds In Your Garden

If you made a bird feeder last week hopefully you have had more bird visitors to your garden.  Now is the chance to get to know a little bit more about them.






Make a Bird Feeder

Make simple bird feeders and begin the RSPB Family Wild Challenge.

To find instructions for a bird feeder using only an apple and sunflower seeds click on the link below.

Make an apple bird feeder

This activity encourages us to look after our environment and the creatures we share it with.

It also helps develop our fine motor skills (especially holding small objects in a pincer grip between finger and thumb) which are essential for drawing, painting, writing and other creative activities.

To get more ideas on how to feed the birds and the RSPB Wild Challenge click the link below.




 Camping at Home

Well everyone it looks like the good weather is set to continue so what better time than to do a spot of camping! (PLEASE DO NOT GO AND BUY ANY ITEMS, ONLY USE WHAT YOU HAVE AT HOME ALREADY)

Take a look at the wide range of outdoor activities that you can try out this week. Only do what is safe for you to do and if you need help ask an adult.  I will be trying to do some of these with my family too.  Don’t forget your torch! 🏕

Home Camping with Mrs Klein 2020



Over the last few weeks we have spotted lots of changes outside.  The link below gives lots of information about what is happening in nature during the month of April.  Some of these we may have already seen in our own gardens or when we have been out for a walk.



Use the reading strategies above to help you fully understand the information in the powerpoint.  You could then create a nature journal which you can add to when you learn something new.  You could make fact files, draw labelled diagrams or paint illustrations and write captions.  Remember to use VCOP when writing your super sentences!  Enjoy – go wild!!


Earth Day

Earth Day this week helped us to think about how we can look after the beautiful world around us.  Here is a fun art activity to help us do that.  Pens at the ready!!



Bugs and Beasties in your Garden – What would you be?


You can get more information about butterflies by following the link below.  Can you make your own Fact File, power-point or quiz?



Beautiful Butterflies

You may have noticed more and more butterflies outside.  Let’s find out a little more about butterflies and which ones like to visit your garden or fly past your window.


Butterfly Life Cycle Video




Easter Eggstravaganza

Eggs, eggs, eggs and more eggs!!!🐣🐥🐤🐔

Easter is coming so enjoy a  free! 😉 range of egg activities which you can then use to make an egg hunt round the house or in the garden.







Land Art Project  – Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy makes sculptures with natural materials both in the UK and around the world. He has made them in forests, fields, cities, lakes and fields. They are known as land art.

Find out more about this British artist and environmentalist.  You can produce a mind-map, quiz, fact file or power point to show what you have learned.  Then have a go at making some of your own land art. Let’s get creative outdoors!

Land Art Challenge Cards
Mud Face Sculptures Outdoor Activity


Friday Scavenger Hunt

Here we are at the end of our first week and I hope that you are all well.  Thank you to everyone who has shared their learning as it is lovely to hear from you.  If you can’t post anything please don’t worry just do what you can.  Give the activities posted on our P4 Blog a go and remember to relax and have some family time too.

Here is a scavenger hunt activity to try.  You could print off the sheet and stick items on it or you could draw what you find under the correct heading.  Happy hunting!



Thursday Mindfulness

Enjoy some mindfulness today by colouring in spring themed pictures.



Wonderful Wet Wednesday

You may have noticed that children are being encouraged to make rainbow art and put them up on their windows at home.

The #UKkidswindows campaign is encouraging children to put up paintings to spread positivity and hope.

Organisers say this is a simple way to send the message “all will be okay” to friends and neighbours during such unprecedented times.

Have a go and draw or paint a rainbow!!🌈

Rainbow Fun Facts and Information.  Click on the link below to find out more about rainbows.


Using this information you can make a FACT FILE about rainbows in your jotter or post on your blog.


Tuesday Time Outside


An outdoor clock (Tick-Tock)

This is a short and sweet activity to help children learn about analogue time.  The first job is to create the clock. Here’s what it needs to look like:

If you don’t have chalk or are working on grass then stones with painted numbers on them work well too.

Ideally the sticks should be slightly different sizes to represent the minute and hour hands. In the photo above the children were asked to colour the hour hand with the chalk to make it different.


Monday Morning

Signs of spring are all around us.  If you can, go outside and take a look!  Using your SENSES what can you see, hear and touch/feel (taste is not safe without an adult’s permission)  ENJOY!


You can then write a sense poem either on your blog or in your jotter.

I see..

I hear..

I touch… or I feel…

Draw some illustrations to make your poem come alive.

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