Happy Friday P4’s. Today I thought we’d have a go at some card games and tricks. The first link takes you to instructions on how to play Clock Patience and the 2nd link takes you to a video on how to do some simple card tricks to astound your family. Give them a try …

then give these card tricks a go



If you would like to check your answers click the link:



Well how did your snail races go? Any super speedy 🐌?

Tomorrow I’d like you to try a BBC bitesize maths activity from June 12th. Click the link:

It’s data handling and football. Give it a go and see how you get on.


Over the next couple of days I would like you to try holding a Snail Race. Today your job is to find 3 speedy snails and gather the equipment needed for the race! Follow the instructions in the short video and see how you get on. I’d love to see some pictures in your own blogs.


Friday’s nature maths

Nature Days outdoor learning resources – Estimating and sampling

My challenge for you today is to estimate how many daisies there are in your lawn using sampling.
To find out how take a look at this you tube video.
What you will need:
Four same size sticks or rulers
A Hoop
A cut out paper footprint.
What to do:
Take your sample size, either a square made out of the 4 same size sticks or rulers, hoop or footprint and place it on the lawn.
Look inside and see what plants are growing there. Choose one to count which is found all over your lawn but not the grass itself. Daisies or buttercups are good.
Then count how many of that flower there is inside your sample. If there is too many to count then estimate the proportion of your sample which is covered by the flowers. See my you tube video for more details.
Write down this number. Then repeat 9 more times all over your garden until you have 10 numbers for the amount of daisies.
Calculate the mean average by totalling up the number of daisies from all 10 samples and dividing it by 10. This is the mean average for the number of daisies for your sample size in your lawn. You can now scale that up to the whole lawn by estimating how many of your sample areas would fit in your whole lawn. If you estimate that 100 sample area would fit in your lawn then multiply your mean average by 100 to get a total number of daisies for your whole lawn.
I would love to hear your results and we can see how all your results compare.

It’s nearly the weekend P4’s, I hope you’ve had lots of fun doing some of the Postive Choices activities and watching some of the staff’s videos.

Click on the link below for Thursday’s Maths clip:

Summer Term – Week 4 (w/c 11th May) – Lesson 4. It should look like this:

Half way to the weekend people. So tomorrow I’d like you to concentrate on Summer Term – Week 4 – Day 3. Click on the link below:

Remember to choose something from the Positive Choices Grid too.


Click on the link below, it will take you to the Maths page. Today can you complete Summer Term – Week 4 – Day 2.

Also I’ve added a Maths game onto everyone’s Bug Club, so give that a try too.

Welcome back Primary 4’s. Another week, another set of Maths activities to try. We’ve tried this way of doing our Maths before so let’s give it another go.

You are looking to do Summer Term – Week 4 (w/c 11th May) It’s Multiplying and dividing by 4 and 8.

Click on the link below:


Click on this link and it will take you to the RBS Moneysense page where you can watch a short video about money and play some fun games.


Why don’t you give these maths challenges a go today.

Insect Symmetry
Inspired by the wonderful, intricate drawings of Alex Kohnahin, this lesson practices simple reflective symmetry.   Credit must also be given to Rob (@ArtforKidsHub) for his excellent selection of insect colouring pages.

The Powerpoint:


Then the insect colouring sheets:

Some bug inspiration.


Happy Tuesday everyone. Normally I see you all every week to do art, so I thought let’s do both, maths and art. Click on the link, watch the short video on creating your own tessellation and then give it a go if you can. One wee tip, use a post-it note for a square shape if you have one. Blog your finished tessellation to show us teachers how you get on.


Good morning Primary 4’s. Outdoor maths challenges today and I would like you to try to measure a tree in 10 different ways. Click on the link to get some ideas of the different ways to measure a tree.


I can’t believe that it’s Friday all over again!! Try to use you addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills to answer these questions in the Daily Rigour.

Then click on this link so you can check your answers

Enjoy your weekend!

Let’s practice our division using ARRAYS, click on the link below to take you to a BBC Bitesize Daily activity.

Or try this number families dice game

15. Roll and write number sentences.

Teaching Division

Dice are a terrific tool for teaching division number sentences. Kids simply roll two dice, then write the multiplication and division number sentences for them.

Welcome back P4’s today I thought we’d give sudoku puzzles a go. Read these instructions then click on the link to do the beginners sudoku. Once you have tried the 4×4 grid, then give the 6×6 grids a go from the pictures underneath.

Then try these two trickier puzzles:

Today I’d like you to have a look out of a window in your home and try this:





Continuing on our addition and subtraction theme this week, try 1 of these activity sheets. Make sure you try one that challenges your thinking.



They are all working on addition to 1000, so choose carefully and remember, making mistakes is how we learn. Don’t feel bad about needing some help.

You could also try this game to sharpen up your addition skills:

Happy Wednesday P4 peeps. Continuing our addition and subtraction theme this week and after some requests for worksheets!! Here is our task for the day,  decide which 1 of the task sheets you will challenge yourself with:

2 digit addition calculations

3 digit addition calculations

4 digit subtraction calculations

4 digit addition and subtraction


Hi there everyone here is Tuesday’s maths. Click on the link, it’s Year 3, week 5, lesson 2 – Adding 2 and 3 digit numbers.


Have a go at this active Tuesday Challenge  : 

Hi there everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed last weeks castle construction task?  This week I’d like us to try the White Rose Maths Task. Click on the link and it should take you to a link focusing on addition and subtraction of 2 and 3 digit numbers. Give it a go and see what you think.


You could try this to get you moving. Mighty Monday.


Good morning everyone, let’s have some Friday fun learning a new card game  it’s called ‘Crazy 8’s’  Watch the YouTube video on the link and give it a go.

I hope you are all having a lovely week and your castles are coming along nicely? If you would like an activity that will challenge your multiplication skills then give this BBC Bitesize Daily task a go. It’s dated May 12th.


Have a go at this card game, all you need is a pack of cards and some spoons. The game is called SPOONS!


Remember the castle task. My boys are working hard on their design, it’s taking quite some time. Have a look below for some help and inspiration.

Please post pictures of your castle on your blog, or email them to me if you can’t do that and I will post them on your own log and put some photos in our P4 gallery page.

This task will run for the whole week, I will also post some games, online activities and smaller tasks for you to complete if you choose to. Good luck and get building.

As today is the last working day of this week, it’s time for some revision. Click on the link to take you to this BBC Bitesize task:


Practice your Times Tables while playing hopscotch. Watch this short video on YouTube to show you how. Concentrate on your 6, 7, 8 or 9 times table.

6th May

Time for a change, today’s maths is a BBC bitesize daily maths lesson,  looking at addition of money. Click on the link below and give it a try:

If you haven’t tried the Traffic Survey from Monday or the Angle Hunt from Tuesday you can give those activities a try instead.

5th May

Happy Tuesday maths ninjas. Today could you try Summer Term, Week 2, Day 2. You are all doing a great job. Click on the link below:


Look for angles in your garden and note down the type of angles you see.

 4th May

Get ready for our Fractions: click on the link and look for Summer Term, Week 2, Day 1. GO!


Look outside your garden and observe cars and other traffic on a nearby road. Collect data on numbers of different types of vehicles or different coloured vehicles. Gather the information and then have a go at representing the data in different ways. For example, a chart, table or graph.


Last day of fractions for this week. Summer Term, Week 1, Day 5. Click on the link below;

An alternative activity for today is this Flying Fun with Paper Planes. See the sheet below:

Thursday 30th April

It’s Thursday! Already! Where has the week gone? Tomorrow’s fractions activity is Summer Term Week 1, day 4  well done to everyone who is trying these activities.

Or you can try this game, watch the video in the link below. It’s called Nine Hole and it’s a wee bit like Noughts and Crosses, but better.



Wednesday 29th April

For all the Fractions buffs, tomorrows task is Summer Term Week 1, Day 3. Click the link like usual:

Or you could try this online Tangram task by clicking this link:

Remember the Bows and Arrows Activity 

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning P4’s I hope this damp morning hasn’t got you feeling bleurgh? Today’s fractions task is Summer Term Week 1 Day 2, click on the link below to take you to the web page:

Or your other option is the Bow and Arrow activity. My boys tried it at home yesterday and if you look on the photo gallery page you will see how they did and how far they managed to shoot their arrow. Good luck.

Monday 27th April

For those children working on White Rose Maths Fractions activities the tasks this week are concentrating on Equivalent Fractions. Its the Summer, Term Week 1, Activity 1 today. Click on the link below for the video, activity sheets and answers for your adult to check.

Bow and Arrow measuring challenge

For anyone wanting to be more like Robin Hood here is a fun activity for you to try:  

Once you have built your bow and arrows can you:

  • Measure the distance your arrow has travelled?
  • Convert this distance into metres, centimetres, millimetres or kilometres?
  • Investigate if the length of the arrow makes a difference to how far your arrow travels.
  • Let’s see who can fire their arrow the furthest – email me with the furthest distance you managed and I’ll let everyone know the most skilled shot on Friday.

Friday 24th April

Last day of our fraction work this week. So click on the link below Week 2 Lesson 5:

If you are able to you could bake a cake or a tray bake – follow the recipe and measure out the ingredients carefully. Post some pictures on your Blog and try not to make my mouth water too much.

Thursday 23rd April


Another beautiful day. Let’s get back to work. Time for Week 2 Lesson 4 of our fractions unit. Click on the link below:

If you feel that you are struggling with the fractions tasks, try this Calming online activity:

You can also check your Bug Club account to see if there are any Maths Games on there you can play. I know P4E pupils have had some fractions ones added.

Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning P4’s, today is such a lovely day I think we should get outside to do some maths. I would love it if you could practice your tables by building them using arrays or groups with items you find outside – stones, daisies, chalk, use your imagination and concentrate on the tables you find the hardest. Also try today’s Bar Modelling task. I can’t wait to see how inventive you are building your tables, remember to take some pictures and post them on your blog or email them to me.

Tuesday 21st April

Back to our fractions. Today’s task is Week 2 Lesson 3. Just click on the link below and it should take you to the webpage.

If you think you can, try this Bar Modelling task:

Monday 20th April

Welcome back P4’s  we are going to ease ourselves back to homeschool gently. Only a Bar Modelling problem to try today. Remember not to worry if you don’t quite get it first try. Making mistakes show us we are learning.



Day 2

Click on this link to take you to the White Rose Maths site and Week 2 of fractions tasks. Again try a lesson a day, watch the video, try the activity booklet and get an adult to check the answers, using the answer file provided in the same link. Keep on trying hard and remember MAKE MISTAKES, it’s how we learn.

Here is the Bar Modelling Challenge today.

Try this Bar Modelling challenge if you can:

Or log into Topmarks and try a game of HIT THE BUTTON.


Tuesday’s Maths – Day 5 

 If you click on this link it will take you to a site called White Rose Maths and should link to a unit on fractions. It has a short video to watch then some work activities to complete. Give it a try and let me know how you get on. There are 5 separate lessons on fractions, gradually building up in difficulty each time.

Here is a link to a fun Times Table game – Tommy’s Treks

Tuesday’s Bar Model Challenge

Monday’s Bar Model Challenge

Friday’s Problem of the day

Thursday’s Problem of the Day

Wednesday’s Problem of the Day

Tuesday’s Problem of the Day

Here is Tuesday’s Teaser


Try this game to improve your multiplication skills, click the link

Match the Wall;_ylu=X3oDMTByaW11dnNvBGNvbG8DaXIyBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–/RV=2/RE=1585003854/RO=10/

Here is today’s Problem of the day, have a try and see if you can come up with some solutions.

Give this a go, what will you use to measure the walls if you don’t have a tape measure??

Try some of these challenges to start with

1st Level March Calendar

Day-15-Friday-20th-March-2020  Problem of the day

Post the answers on your own personal BLOG page or write in your orange jotter.

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