Health and Wellbeing

We spent last week during ‘Positive Choices Week’ doing things to help us to feel happy, healthy and relaxed.

Watch the lovely little cartoon below and think of something which you can do this week to make someone smile.

Health and Fitness


We have Mr Swan’s workout videos to follow on the Onthank YouTube channel but there are plenty other ways to keep fit too.

Why not do your morning workout with Mr Swan and then try one of these videos too?


This week is all about ‘Positive Choices Week‘ and ‘Onthank on Foot’ so give some of the activities a go and have lots of fun at the same time!

Positive Choices Week Menu 2020

Onthank On Foot Tasks

A lovely little video to describe how school might seems a bit different to usual.

The staff ‘Burns’ team took part in a relay race to help to gain some points!! 

Here are the stars of the race…

Remember to submit your videos to gain points for your team.
The  main Health and Wellbeing focus this week is our ‘Virtual Sports Day’ 2020.

Have lots of fun and try to get lots of points for your team!

The weather forecast looks so good for tomorrow again! I know that you are all Sun Safety Superstars but here is a wee reminder of how to protect ourselves when it is as warm as it has been recently.

My World of Work


Time to find out more!


You have explored various types of jobs and considered your own skills and qualities. Now it is time to research the job which you think you would enjoy the most.

You could use google to find out more about the job or you could email or phone somebody who does that job and ask them some questions.

  •  Do you need to go to University or College to be able to do the job?
  • Can you be trained whilst doing the job?
  •  What qualifications/school grades do you need to be able to do the job?
  •  Which skills and qualities do you need to have?
  •  What would the workplace be like? Indoors? Outdoors? Work with others? Work alone?
  •  Challenges of the job?

In 2017 we held a ‘World of Work Day‘. Some of you will remember dressing up.

Here are some old photographs to give you all a wee giggle;-)


This is a lovely wee clip showing little children explaining what they think a job is! It is funny!;-)

Skills and Qualities

Knowing what you are good at can help you to think about which jobs you might be good at and also enjoy.

You may have an area of the school curriculum which is a strength for you. It may be Numeracy, Literacy, Art and Design, STEM, PE or Music.

Maybe you are part of a team or organisation, a dance club, play golf, a good baker or excellent at crafts?

A strength may also be related to the type of person you are and the qualities you have.

You may follow rules well, be caring, be very patient, be a good problem solver, be organised or perhaps be a responsible person.

Getting to use your strengths and qualities is the best way to develop them further.


  1. List 3 skills you have and 3 personal qualities.

2. List 3 jobs you think that you would be good at after thinking about your skills and qualities.

Remember to share your ideas with us!





Being at home gives us plenty of time to exercise. Here is a fitness video to follow.

You could make up your own fitness routine and repeat it each day. You could include star jumps, knee lifts, press ups, jogging and many more actions! Remember to warm up those muscles!


In Term 4 we always have a think about ‘My World of Work’. Over the next few weeks we will be having a think about which careers we might like to do in the future.

We will be thinking about which strengths, skills and interests we have already which could be useful for the future.

We will also have the opportunity to fill in an application form for a job and have a go at an interview.


I love this video which I found on YouTube. It gives an idea of how things may be different in the future. Give it a watch and see what you think.


Let’s do some Drama…..

Take turns with your family to mime a job.

See if someone can guess which job you are showing. Remember when we mime we do not talk. Just nice clear actions and body language! 😉

Just for fun….

Can you name a job for each letter of the alphabet? Try to do it on your own at first and if you have to you could ask for help or use Google to fill the blanks. Good luck!


Design a New Sports Kit

Do you have a favourite sport? Maybe you play for a team or belong to a club?

You have been given the opportunity to design a new kit for your favourite type of exercise.

You might want to consider other merchandise, for example, a water bottle, kit bag, cap etc.

Looking forward to seeing your designs. Have fun!:-)


We have our own Lucy!

Lucy arrived yesterday to come and stay with me for a while until she can meet you all at school!

I am sure that she will be looking forward to meeting Violet and her Lucy!:-)

The YouTube story of ‘Lucy in Lockdown’ was lost from the main blog page. Here it is again with some points to think about and discuss after watching it. Enjoy!



Keeping Active and Having Fun

Can you design your own obstacle course?

Think about Sports Day races. Sometimes we have to jump over objects, run, hop, put a hoop over our heads, balance a beanbag on our head all before getting to the finish line away in the distance!

You could try creating your own course and use objects from around the house or garden. Remember to share your fab photos or plans of your course.



Meet Ziggy!

I gave P4W the task to think of a name for our Worry Monster. He is a familiar face to all P4 classes and to many other classes in the school but up until now he did not have a name!

My class sent me lots of ideas but the winning name was ‘Ziggy‘, chosen by Logan! Logan suggested Ziggy because the body is made up of zigzags.

I am sure that Ziggy and Tryatops will be having a party in the classroom right now!

60 Second Fitness Challenges

Have a go at these fun challenges! If you don’t have exactly what it tells you to use, just use other objects from around the house and recreate the rules!;-)


Keep sending us your amazing shadow pictures and messages and we will add to our gallery so that everyone can enjoy seeing them! 😉
Challenge Time…

I saw this wee activity while I was on the internet and I thought that with our lovely weather that we could have a go and recreate our own shadow messages…

This lets you take your learning outside and have fun! If you can, you could take a photo and post it on your blog, class blog or email photos to me at and I will upload them!;-)

A simple message could make someone smile.


We had fun here today trying out some shadow messages. Here are our efforts below…


Mrs Easter and her boys made signs too. They look fab!


Wow!! Imogen in P4E created a lovely positive message to everyone! Well done!

I love this one Haleigh! Well done!

Tajveer was enjoying making shadows at her house too! What a great day to be outdoors and being creative.

Alistair created this lovely message.

Almost Easter holiday time! Lots of time to stay active but also take time to relax and do things that make you happy.
Here is a task to be help us to stay positive and to look forward to doing some of the things which we are missing right now….

Write a list of things which you would like to do when lockdown is over.
You could write a list and add to a jar like the one above or just keep a list of fun ideas in a notepad or in your jotter.
Once lockdown is over you can choose one thing to do at a time. 😉


Here is Jessica’s (P4EL) version:

Tajveer’s Easter Cereal

Tajveer in P4W decided to create an Easter Bunny cereal. It looks great and would be a popular choice for children.

Adam’s Amazing Cereal Design

Adam in P4E worked so hard to create a name for his healthy cereal and then he designed an eye catching box for his cereal to be sold in.

Well done Adam! I will definitely buy some to try when I see them in the supermarket.

Nathan P4W Designs a New Sporty Cereal

Amazing work Nathan. Loving your cereal design and clever name!

Nathan created his design on the computer! I could definitely see this on the front of a cereal box!

Kyle’s Amazing Cereal Design

A big well done to Kyle from P4E who shared his healthy, child friendly cereal design. This looks amazing Kyle!

I am sure that all of the supermarkets in Kilmarnock and across the whole of Ayrshire would sell lots of boxes.


If you would like to share your designs feel free to email a photo to me and I can upload or you could post a photo onto your own blog.

Remember that the tasks we post are ideas and you are not expected to do everything! You are all doing so well! 😉

Get Movin’

I know that I am sitting for too many hours a day on my laptop or answering messages on my phone. I am sure that some of you will be feeling the same.
Here is a dance workout which everyone can join in! Jump up and get started!;-)

When you are feeling like a Pro and you want to get your audition dance ready for Strictly 2021 you could have a go at Oti Mabuse’s ‘Mary Poppins’ dance workshop!;-)

Healthy Eating Design Challenge

‘Food and Health’ has been our topic this term with a focus on healthy eating. We are all aware of the ‘Eatwell Plate’ and how to make healthy choices about the foods which we eat.
I thought that I would set you a challenge to do throughout this week!
Many of the cereals we eat have quite a high sugar content and they are not very kind to our teeth.

Challenge: Invent a new healthy child-friendly breakfast cereal.
  • Invent a new name for your cereal.
  • Design the packaging for your cereal. Make sure that it is eye catching! You want everyone to buy your cereal.
  • Invent a slogan to sell your cereal.
  • Create a TV advert to promote your cereal – No more than 20 seconds long. You could get someone to film it so that you can watch yourself!;-)
Remember to share your designs on your own blog, class blog or do it in your jotter…or all three!;-)


Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Remember to tune into Joe Wicks on YouTube to follow his PE from home every morning at 9am.

Instead of just walking when you are out for fresh air why not try jogging, cycling or skipping?

Even if the weather isn’t great there is plenty to do inside to make sure that we are still exercising.

Here is a wee idea…

Have a good day everyone! Missing your lovely smiles and funny stories!;-)


Random Act of Kindness

Give someone a smile when you are out your one walk of the day or when you are out getting exercise.

Some people live alone or haven’t seen family or friends for a while. A smile from you will cheer them up.

Well done! You have worked hard this week and many of you have been in touch to tell us about tasks you have completed and other things you have been up to.

Remember to take time to relax and do things which you enjoy. As always, stay active! Be happy, be healthy!

Here is a wee visualisation to try when you are taking time to relax, maybe at bedtime.

Or maybe you would prefer a bedtime story…

Have a good weekend and we will be back next week with more fun for you!


Random Act of Kindness

Help to do tasks around the house, e.g. Make your own bed, tidy your room, wash the dishes, clean up after having lunch and dinner etc.


Laughter is the Best Medicine

Whether you are laughing at a TV programme, laughing with friends or sitting laughing at something you found funny but nobody else did, laughing does you good.

Michael Rosen, author of ‘We Are Going On A Bear Hunt’ has many funny videos on YouTube of him reading poems and stories. Here is one which we have enjoyed before.

If you have any funny jokes please share them with us on your own blog or your class blog. 😉

Have a good day everyone!


Random Act Of Kindness

Create a handmade gift for someone.


Yoga has many benefits. It improves our flexibility, strength and coordinaton. It helps us to feel calm and relaxed.

We all enjoy doing our yoga together at school. Here is a wee link from a story well known to you all.

Random Act of Kindness

Create a rainbow painting or drawing to display in your window for neighbours to see when they are out for a walk. They will feel happy to see it.

You could see how many you can spot when you are out for a walk.


Daily Check-In

Lucy is a very special little girl with magical hair. It changes colour with her emotions.

We don’t need to miss out on our check ins just because we aren’t at school.

Why don’t you check in daily on your own blog page and tell us how you are feeling? You could record it in your jotter if you would prefer.

Mrs Williams: Today I am yellow because Anna and Alexander are working hard at home and they are getting on well together.

Remember to watch Chris Duke reading chapter 1 of ‘Archie Unplugs the Internet’ on his Facebook page live at 7pm tonight. (Facebook – Lucy’s Blue Day – Children’s Mental Health Book)

Random Act of Kindness: Give someone a compliment



I will be joining in with the daily 9am PE session led by Joe Wicks on his YOUTUBE channel: The Body Coach TV. This will be live every day. I hope that you and your family will join me.

We don’t have our fun PE lessons at the moment but we can still keep fit and healthy in many ways. Exercise helps us to feel happier.


‘Spell You Name Workout’

You up for the challenge? Spell out your name and do the action for each letter. If you have many letters in your name you are going to be very sweaty!;-)



Hi everyone!

I am so glad that the P4 teachers have been working hard to create this Blog page for us so that we can keep in touch and share fun ideas to help us to continue our learning.

I will be uploading video links, activities to keep us active and some ideas for Health and Wellbeing mini projects.

I will miss you all so much but I will look forward to reading all your comments on the Blog.

Love Mrs Williams xxx



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