Feel free to share your fun ideas so that others could try them too! Remember you can send an email or a message through the blog. We can upload them on this page 🙂


Cloud Watching

Have you ever stopped to just watch the clouds and see which shapes they form? Why not have some fun cloud watching? See if you can see/create different pictures in the clouds.


Recreating an old photograph


Have some fun with an old photo of yourself!

Take a trip down memory lane! Look at some old photos and try to recreate them.

My daughter Anna had this task to do for her school. She had so much fun looking for a similar outfit to the one she wore when she was 3!;-)

She managed to find her Barney toy and tried to stand in the same position and held Barney in the same way.

We would love to see your photos! Please add to your Blog if you can or email them to your teacher.


Strive for 5!

Fruit kebabs and Fruit Faces

You could try being artistic with fruit this week! Vegetables like peppers, lettuce and cucumber could be included too. A fun way to contribute to your “5 a day“. All from the green section of the ‘Eatwell Plate‘.


This looks great when it is finished….

This video shows how to draw lots of animals using your hand.

Or try a bit of Mindful colouring. All you need is 1 square of kitchen roll. Hours of relaxing fun!

A few ideas for you….

Design an Instrument

The NHS clap at 8pm on a Thursday would be even more fun if you had an instrument to play.

You could make a junk model instrument to play. Remember to send us photos for the P4 Gallery!:-)

Perfect Day

Pretend Lockdown is over! What are you going to do first? Plan out your perfect day!


Design a Board Game

Try designing a board game based on a subject of your choice. It could be film, sport, music related. Get your family to play it with you.

Get Dancing!


Health Hero
Here is a drawing tutorial to draw a ‘Health Hero’. You could draw a hero to hold up at the NHS clap at 8pm on a Thursday night.


Why don’t you write a secret message in Morse Code and put it on your class blog for your friends to solve? You could create a message and send a photo of it to a family member who you cannot see just now.

Are you feeling arty? You could follow a drawing tutorial.

Earth Day Art

Today is Earth Day 2020. If you are feeling arty in the sunshine you could try to create a nature Earth using leaves and flowers.

This could be done outside as long as it is not too breezy! Maybe best collecting the materials outside and creating it indoors.

A great way of starting a conversation about Earth Day and how we can take better care of our beautiful planet.

Remember…these are just ideas! You might have an even better idea to share with us on the blog.


Here is also a fun art activity to try for Earth Day. Pens at the ready!

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

This could be completed indoors or outside in the sunshine.

Try to find an object for each letter of the alphabet. Some letters will be trickier than others.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Digital Escape Room

Follow the link below (Needs typed in as it won’t allow me to copy and paste it in) to take you to a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Digital Escape Room.

You can complete this escape room as a family or individual, you can compete against friends and try it multiple times. The main thing is to have fun!

This activity was designed by a Depute Headteacher in Alva.

Successful Scavenger Hunt

Ollie took part in the suggested ‘Indoor Scavenger Hunt’. He managed to find everything on the list! Well done Ollie! 😉

Tulisa’s Messy Fun!

Love it Tulisa! Tulisa enjoyed helping to paint the shed;-) I am sure that the garden will be looking lovely for the warm Summer we are hoping for!

Chill Out Den

My daughter Anna loved Miss Ellis’s idea to build a den using pillows and blankets. She is chilling out in there watching her favourite YouTube clips. I think I need to make one too!

If you build a fort or den it would be great to see photos of your creations. 😉


What a beautiful butterfly picture! Tajveer in P4W has been enjoying Spring art activities!

It is lovely seeing photos of some of the things you have been up to! Feel free to email photos to us and we can upload them for everyone to see or if you can you could add them to your own blog!

The clocks have changed, the nights are longer! Beautiful Spring has arrived.

Here are some Spring/Easter themed tasks to try. It would be great if you could  email photos to your teacher to add to the Blog or even add to your own Blog if you can.

  •  Create a Spring themed picture using common household objects (Parents think Neil Buchanan ‘Art Attack’)
  •  Create a drawing or painting of a butterfly. Can you make the wings symmetrical?
  •  Create a word search or cross word using Spring and Easter words.
  •  Create an Easter/Spring board game. Think….2 moves forward, miss a turn etc.
  •  Create an Easter/Spring themed story and you could share with family over the phone. This could also double up as an Act of Kindness.
  • Create your own Scavenger hunt around the house for family members to take part in.

Anna made her own ‘Art Attack’ picture outside. If you look closely it is a large butterfly filled in with many items from around the house. The yellow ball was the sunshine 😉


Teacher emails:

Scavenger Hunt – See how many things you can find!


Baking / cooking – then write instructions or film it as if you were on a cookery show (with adult help of course, safety first!).

Performing arts – perform your own drama, play, dance or song for your family.

Photography – if you have access to a camera explore taking pictures of objects in your house or garden.

Build a fort – use pillows and blankets to create your own den or fort.

Become an expert – why not learn something new? Try to find out more about a subject such as astronomy or wild animals.

Music – create a new musical instrument using materials around your house. This also helps you to recycle unused items.

Create a 3D structures using unused items around the house or building blocks or Lego type bricks.

Coding genius- check out websites such as ABC coding and that give tutorials on how to code using familiar games and characters.

Family tree – find out more about your family history. Even if you can’t visit older relatives phone or video chat them and get them to tell you information and stories.

Life skills : tying your laces, looking at clothes labels and symbols, changing your bed etc.

Learn a new skill, e.g. video clips and apps that teach you how to draw.

Learn a new language again using videos and apps.


This article has excellent ideas:

47 Boredom Busters for Kids at Home




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