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P4 Transition Time

Well everyone, it is that time of year again, Transition Time!

As we are not together in school at the moment we are going to have a virtual ‘bump up day.’ This is when you will meet your P5 class teacher for next year.

Your P5 teachers have all been busy putting together information to welcome you and give you a little peek into what to expect next year.  Exciting times ahead!

Videos and photographs will be posted here on our blog tomorrow.  Enjoy!🌈❤

Mrs Klein P4K to Mrs Kilpatrick

Mrs Williams P4W to Mrs Carten

P4E Mrs Easter to Mrs Merrick

P4EL Miss Ellis to Miss Cook

First Minister’s Reading Challenge

As we come to the end of the school year it is time to bring to a close the First Minister’s Reading Challenge for session 2019 – 2020.🎗

The DFS pupil group launched our whole school reading challenge back in January and all pupils were involved in a variety of activities and received a reading passport.  These passports were filling up and the children were both keen and excited to share their reading journey at our weekly assemblies and in class.  Please continue to do this by sharing a page from your reading passport or by telling us about your favourite book.  You can do this on your blog, Teams page or by emailing Mrs Klein on:

So congratulations to everyone for taking part in Onthank Primary School’s very first, First Minister’s Reading Challenge👏🏅


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