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May Rights!

Article 14!  Find out more here!

Article of the Week – Article 14

Our April Right!

Have a look at the link below for more information on our Right of the Month!  It’s all about respecting views of children!  Why not talk about this at home and think about what it means for everyone.

Article 12

Our March right is:

Article 3

Best Interest of the Child:  The best interests of the child must be a top priority in all decisions and actions that affect children.

We also celebrated World Book Day, demonstrating some of our right to an education and are also revisiting article 2, through raising awareness of the work of Sports Relief and collecting donations for the food bank.

February 2020 Update

The RRS Team introduced Right of the Month at assembly. Every month they will introduce a new right to the whole school. All children will complete an activity in class for each Right of the Month to help them learn more about their rights. The blog will be updated each month with information about our Right of the Month which can be used to support discussion at home.

Our first Right of the Month (February) is:



The Convention applies to EVERY child without discrimination, whatever their ethnicity, gender, religion, language, abilities or any other status, whatever they think or say, whatever their family background.

Here is a video that was shared at assembly to explain discrimination.

Assembly Video

Article 2 is our first Right of the Month because it is important that children understand ALL children, every single one, have the rights in the UNCRC no matter what!


This is the article image which is now displayed throughout the school alongside our RRS mascots as a reminder about Article 2.

The ‘Right Runner’ app is now available to download which is a fun game to help children learn about their rights. Check out the preview video below.

Right Runner

During the 1st block of Newmilns Teams for session 2019/20, the Rights Respecting Schools Team ran a whole school competition to create Newmilns Primary Rights Respecting mascots. The team chose two winners, one from P1-3 and another from P4-7. The winning mascots were ‘Rainbow the Rights Respecting Superhero’ and ‘Sasha the Super Bear’! These mascots are now the new faces of Rights Respecting Schools at Newmilns Primary and will begin appearing around the school to help the children become more aware of their rights.

The RRS Team have also been working hard to create eye catching images and clear captions to remind the children of their rights. These will also begin appearing around the school alongside our mascots.

Each class has their own personal Class Charter displayed in their classroom to remind them of their rights. These have been created by the children and they have decided together the actions they will take to respect their rights.


We are now on our journey to achieve the RRS Silver Award. We will continue to work hard during the next block of Newmilns Teams to achieve this!

Good News!

Newmilns Primary and ECC is gained a Rights Respecting Schools Bronze Award.  We are now working towards our Silver!

Primary 5/6 worked together to develop our school charter.

RRSA single page

We will review this charter as we move towards silver but this is the basis of how we can all ensure that our rights are met and that we behave in a rights respecting way,

We are currently learning about each of these articles in more depth at assemblies.  After which we will explore what the other key articles mean to us.

The RRSA team have organised a simple activity for Comic Relief.  They delivered a short presentation at assembly explaining the need for such a charity and highlighted the different rights we take for granted that are not available to some children.

We are working to become a UNICEF UK Rights Respecting School!

In 1989, Governments across the world promised all children the same rights by following the United Nations Convention on the Right of the Child, the UNCRC for short! The Convention outlines what countries must do so that all children grow as healthy as possible, can learn at school, are protected, have their views listened to, and are treated fairly. We will be learning about our rights and using them throughout the school so that everyone feels happy, safe and respected.

At assemblies the children have learned about Rights Respecting School through video clips and have developed their understanding of Rights through categorising wants and needs.  The children have learned a song about rights and sang it to parents at the Harvest Assembly.

The Rights Respecting School committee have decided to introduce a new right every fortnight to support the whole school in learning about our rights. So far we have looked at Article 2, 28, 29, 19 and 12.

We have also looked at our core values and we have linked these to our rights, in light of our work with Children’s rights we will be reviewing our Aims and Core values with our whole school community.

Each class now has a Class Charter displayed in their classroom to show the rights and responsibilities that are important for us to follow. The Class Charters were made and decided together as a whole class so that staff and children can work together to help us be the best we can be!

If you want to find out more about the different articles within the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child click the link below:

There are 54 articles, or rights, in the convention.

The letters below have been issued to parents to give them more information about RRSA.

Attachment for parental letter

RRSA bronze parental letter