Newmilns Teams

We have 5 pupil groups at Newmilns Primary School.  Pupil Groups allow all children from across the stages to work together and take a lead role in how our school is led.  The pupil groups currently run for three, six week blocks in the year.

  The Pupil Council have decided that from now on our groups will be called Newmilns Teams!  Here is the updated news for Teams block 2!

Health and Wellbeing

The HWB team held a very successful fantastic fruity Friday which was supported by our fantastic kitchen staff. When the group met last week they made their  fruit kebabs which were then on sale the next day. The HWB team did a great job of not only making the kebabs but also advertising them and it was a great turn out the next day. A big well done to the HWB team and a big thank you to our wonderful kitchen staff.

Health and Wellbeing

The HWB group have now started working together for their second block. We have reviewed our progress from last session and set our targets for this block. We have now completed our attendance passports which will be issued to children attending after schools club. Once they have completed their passport they will receive a certificate for attendance. The passports were designed by the boys and girls from the Health and Well being committee and feature their artwork as front covers. Before Christmas we had a very successful class challenge and Primary 7 were the winners of this. We are now working on a house challenge which we hope will happen at the end of February.

Pupil Council

The pupil council have been working hard this session. Our first task was to organise a whole school survey to find a name to replace “Committees”. We came up with several suggestions but the winner was “Newmilns Teams”.

The pupil council team then chose to work on tasks relating to our Dyslexia Friendly Schools journey, after receiving our Bronze Award last session.

We have carried out an audit of our Literacy support boxes so that we can remind our classes of all the things we can use to help us in literacy activities…..not just ear defenders! We are also going to remind everyone of some useful active learning strategies and maybe persuade our teachers to try some new ones.

We have also learned a bit more about our individual learning styles…Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. We will be getting our classes to complete questionnaires so that everyone knows their own style and teachers can use approaches most suited to each child. Based on this some children will also make up an online “Literacy Toolkit” as a reminder for themselves and staff of what approaches work well for them. Items in the toolkit might include pencil grips, highlighted lines, number lines or reading markers.

At the end of the block we presented our findings at assembly.  Have a look at the middle doors for our display.

Global Citizenship

  • This term the Global Citizenship committee will continue to run the Fairtrade inter-house point charts, where a full chart can earn the said house 100 points.
  • The team have also distributed plastic recycling boxes to all the classrooms and the nursery, so that pupils can recycle clean empty plastic bottles and help reduce the amount of plastic waste in our environment.
  • The new initiative for this term is to plan and hold a fundraising tea and cake afternoon to raise money so that the team can buy ‘unwrapped gifts’ from Oxfam to help make the world a more equal and fair place.
  • The Coffee morning was very successful and raised £164.33. 

Rights Respecting School 

During the second block of Teams the Rights Respecting School Team led developments in improving understanding of the rights through a display star hunt which all children were encouraged to take part in, created posters helping explaining some of the rights within our school charter, raised awareness of how some children may not have their rights met through a charity event for Comic Relief and have created Respect stickers which will be introduced at the start of next term.


The ECO team continued to keep the school litter free and worked together to make sure winter birds had plenty to eat.  Our work can be seen on our display at the middle doors.

An ECO code has also been established and displayed – more work will be done on this next block.

Block 1 Term1/2


Mrs McCallum and Miss Laing lead this group

Miss Laing has organised a rota for children in the Eco Committee to carry out litter picking activities during  playtime and lunchtime.

Bird feeders which have been donated to the school by Mrs White, Outdoor Education, will be placed around the school in order to provide food for birds over the winter months.

Younger members of the Eco Committee group have produced junk modelling faces for the school display.

Senior members have created an information table to record and display examples of Eco Friendly activities for example – walking to school, using refillable water bottles etc.

Pupil Council

Mrs Neilson and Mrs McClymont lead this group.

The pupil council have been making plans about Children in Need 2018!

Money raised from this event is used to help children all around the world, including local causes here in Scotland.

On Friday 16th November we are having “Pyjamas For Pudsey.” Pupils may dress down in pyjamas…..but remember suitable jackets and shoes for outdoors. We are suggesting a donation of 50p .This will also entitle children to have an entry on Pudsey’s Magic Square and have a chance to win a prize. This is open to children in the ECC and school.

In addition, during the week 12th to 16th November we are running a Bring and Buy sale. On Monday 12th  children are invited to bring in one or two small toys, games or books that they no longer use. Please do not send more than this as we are limited for space. Items must be in at least very good condition.

The Pupil Council will price items (max £2) for sale in the school on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th November   so we would remind children to bring spending money on those days.

The bring and buy sale is for school pupils only, not ECC.

Health and Wellbeing

Mrs Young leads this group and our active schools’ co-ordinator helps when she can.

The Health and Wellbeing group have been very busy this term. At the end of last term they successfully submitted their bid for the SPORTSCOTLAND  award . As you know we received the news this term that we have been awarded our Silver Award which is fantastic news.

We want to build on this so have used the feedback from the SPORTSCOTLAND to develop a plan for this year. So far we are working on an attendance passport for the boys and girls who attend after school clubs and we have created and given each of the classes a Daily Mile Challenge. The race is now on between the classes to be the class that has completed the Daily Mile the most days over 4 weeks in the hope to win the mystery prize!!

We have also been finding out about the local clubs that the boys and schools attend through a questionnaire, so that we can hopefully build further links with these clubs. Lynsey Hogg has also been helping with this.

Global Citizenship

Mrs Cochrane and Mrs Borland lead this group 

The committee have organised two things this session;

1/ They’ve continued with the Fairtrade initiative started last year, run as an interhouse challenge. Children are to collect fairtrade logo’s and stick them on their house charts in their classrooms. A full line is worth 10 house points and a full chart 100 points. this will be run for the whole year.

2/ Plastic Recycling Campaign. The committee are planning a plastic recycling campaign to help reduce plastic waste worldwide. They have written to East Ayrshire recycling department to ask for recycling containers and to see if we could be part of the Town’s weekly recycling collection. Bins and posters will be distributed to all classrooms. They also thought posters could be put up in the Town to encourage the community to recycle more plastic as well.

Rights Respecting School

Miss Smith leads this group with the help of Mrs McCracken

As we are going for a Rights Respecting School Award, this group has its own page.  The accrediting panel will look at this page to see what work the pupil group have led on but also what has been happening across the school.  Please have a look!