Dyslexia Friendly School

The Pupil Council are sharing responsibility for DfS with the Literacy Leapers.  This term work has been carried out to re-evaluate Learning Styles and class resources to support learning.

DFS Ceremony

Mrs McCracken, Mrs Neilson and 3 of the children from our Literacy Leapers recently attended the DFS awards ceremony, at Dumfries House, to collect the Bronze Aware on behalf of the whole school. A huge well done to all involved!




We have successfully achieved Dyslexia Friendly School’s (Bronze).  Mrs McCracken, Mrs Neilson and 3 children from our Literacy Leapers will attend the awards ceremony in June!  Well done to the whole school community, everyone played a part in us achieving this award!


This session we continue our journey to become a Dyslexia Friendly School.  Over the course of the session we will continue to improve our practice to make sure we maximise outcomes for all our children, ensuring all learning differences and styles are catered for.

DfS Information 1

The link below to the parental leaflet will provide a bit more information.


If you are at all concerned about your child’s progress in literacy or in any curricular area please contact your child’s class teacher or Mrs McCracken.

We now have a Dyslexia Friendly School Policy.  It can be found via the link below:

DfS Policy