Thursday 16th September

This week at group time the children have been developing their recognition and understanding of 2d shapes. They explored this by threading shape beads, shape printing and matching shapes using the promethean board. Lots of fun was had!


Have a wonderful long weekend everyone, see you all next week😊💗

Friday 10th September 

The Tigers have had a busy week at group time sharing their news with each other, drawing, painting, jigsaws and learning new number songs together.
We have been talking about the weather each day and singing our days of the week song.

🎼At home, why not sing the days of the week song together by clicking on the link below. 🎼

Days of the week song

Today is a very special day for our friend Lochlan. It’s Lochlan’s 4th birthday🥳🎉 Happy Birthday from all of your friends💙 hip hip hooray🥳🥳

Lochlan is also the Tigers star of the week🌟
Big well done. We are all super proud of you😊

Have a fun weekend everyone, see you all next week💜

Friday 27th August

Hello everyone, welcome to the Tigers page🐯

We have had a wonderful first full week back at the ECC! The children have had lots of fun exploring their new surroundings, making new friends & lots of outdoor play especially in the beautiful sunshine☀️

Next week the sunshine will hopefully still be here, therefore could children bring suncream and a sun hat every day please😎

Have a fun weekend everyone, see you all next week😊

Miss Shields & Miss Sommerville💕________________________________________________________

Friday 25th June

Well Tigers what a great few years we have had together through very strange times.

Pre school Tigers, we have loved watching you grow, learn and become confident individuals ready for primary 1. We hope you have all had as much fun with us as we have with you. You are all superstars🌟 Miss Shields & Miss Sommerville are so proud of everything you have achieved with us and we will be looking out for you on your first day at school. Always remember we will see you as you walk passed at playtime❤️
Our returning children, you have achieved so much in the short time at nursery🌟 we can’t wait to see you again in August ready for another fun filled year together❤️

Parents, thank you for the support and involvement  during the online learning. We appreciated it.

Have a wonderful summer everyone😎

Miss Shields & Miss Sommerville💗

Wednesday 23rd June

Good morning Tigers🐯 Hope you are all well.

Today as it’s a rainy day at home why not build your own cosy campsite to go indoor camping ⛺️
• Build a tent
• Using cushions, pillows, blankets to make it cosy.
• Use a torch to make patterns, shapes
• Take your favourite teddy to join you
• Enjoy a story in your campsite
• Sing your favourite songs.
• Help a grown up prepare a healthy snack/lunch

Send any photos to Miss Shields to share on our Tiger page.


Take care everyone💕

Miss Shields💗________________________________________________
Friday 18th June

Happy Friday everyone😊

The children all had a fun day playing football, making predictions and enjoying a picnic snack together on the grass.
Enjoy the football tonight everyone🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Thursday 17th June

The Tigers have been talking a lot about Scotland and football this week so today we decided to play a game of football⚽️ What fun we had! The children all took part in a penalty shoot out, celebrated their goal, split into 2 teams where both teams chose to be Scotland, they then had team tactic chats before the game and above all else had good team spirit as they played a game of football together. Fantastic Tigers you were all super🌟

Enjoy the photos and video of Scotland’s future stars💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Scotland v Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Scotland’s future superstars🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌟

Goal celebrations⚽️🎉

See you all tomorrow

Miss Shields💗_______________________________________________________________________________________

Friday 11th June

The children have had a fun week exploring outdoors while developing their imagination skills,  building tents and pretend camp fires while going camping. The children made coloured patterns with fruit kebabs, picnic snacks outdoors together then we finished off the week toasting marshmallows round the campfire while talking about safety.

Camping fun

Have a wonderful weekend everyone😊

See you all next week

Miss Shields & Miss Sommerville💗

Friday 4th June

We have had a super fun week outdoors in the sunshine🌞 participating in water play, building sandcastles, making mud pies in our mud kitchen, building obstacle courses together and making our own games to play in the garden.

Fun in the sun ☀️
See you all next week, remember sun cream & sun hats😎

Have a fun weekend everyone

Miss Shields & Miss Sommerville💗

Friday 28th May

We have had a busy week exploring in the natural area, designing our own obstacle courses, tree climbing, digging and counting the different coloured vehicles that passed!

Group time– we painted colourful rainbows🌈 used letter sponges to paint our first name and then painted a picture of our choice🎨

Daniel  “I’ve painted a rainbow, a round and round rainbow”
Calum  “I’ve painted the whole world”
Reuben  “a roof in the sky”
Jack  “I’ve painted a house in the forest”
Lochlan  “the maze”
Fraser  “a tree house with a slide and a swing”
Lucas  “a cow”

Group time fun!

Well done Tigers, you’re all super stars🌟

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone, enjoy the sunshine and remember your suncream😎

See you all next week💜

Miss Shields & Miss Sommerville💗______________________________________________________

Friday 21st May

Happy Friday everyone😊

We have had a super fun week! The children have been busy making play dough, using playdough to make the letters in their first name, counting and making a number line 0-10, developing understanding of initial sounds by playing a game of ‘I spy…’ then finishing off the week with a fun Friday💜 all children participated in our fun day of dancing and games with Silly Gilly then our sports day this afternoon.

Group time fun

Fun Friday

Have a wonderful weekend Tigers🐯

See you all next week

Miss Shields & Miss Sommerville💗
Friday 14th May

What a busy week we have had! Exploring outdoors, using our imagination through play, counting and designing our own obstacle course are just some of the challenges we faced this week.

Miss Shields brought in chia seeds where we made our own frog pond using chia seeds and water then added pebbles, lily pads & toy frogs!🐸 🐸 🐸🐸 the children were also developing their numeracy skills by counting the frogs and also using the numbered lily pads.

Tigers frog pond!

Obstacle course

Well done Tigers, you are all super🌟

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, see you next week😊

Miss Shields & Miss Sommerville💗


Friday 7th May

Happy Friday everyone😊

This week the Tigers have been very busy working on their listening skills, sharing and turn taking through games played together. Games we played were counting, memory matching game and dominoes. Lots of language and concentration used throughout.

Well done boys and girls you all done super💜

Group games

Have a fun weekend and we will see you all next week😊

Miss Shields & Miss Sommerville💗


Friday 30th April

The Tigers have had lots of fun exploring outdoors all week with the Giraffe and Panda boys and girls. They have been busy planting, building, using real tools and looking for insects using magnifying glasses. They have also used their fine motor skills and spoke about safety while using scissors and also risky play while climbing trees. Lots of fun was had throughout.


Have a wonderful long weekend everyone, see you all next week😊

Miss Shields & Miss Sommerville💕

Friday 23rd April

Hello everyone, what a wonderful first week back we have all had. The children have been very busy sharing their news, thinking of new games to play and having lots of fun exploring outdoors. Today, we searched for coins in the sand then counted them all…..we never found all the coins Miss Shields hid so I think the searching will continue for a while yet!! Children were working together and helping each other find the coins. Good team work, listening and sharing throughout. Well done Tigers💕


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the wonderful weather😎 See you all on Monday💗

Thursday 1st April

The boys and girls have all worked super hard this term during our online learning then on our return to the ECC where we have focused a lot on emotions, friendships and meeting their individual targets. Well done everyone, we are so proud of you all💗

Enjoy your holidays, have lots of fun and we will look forward to hearing all of your stories on our return.

Happy Easter everyone🐣🐰

Love Miss Shields & Miss Sommerville💕

Wednesday 31st March

Today during our circle time, the boys and girls were encouraged to think of something they are good at to share with their friends. We are all super proud of each other and of each other’s strengths. Here are the Tigers strengths…..

“I am good at….

Reuben– good at balancing, Iv been practicing”

Bryden– playing with the eggs with Lucas” 

Fraser– having a race with Reuben”

Lucas– playing with the dinosaurs with Bryden”

Alexis– playing hide and seek with Daniel”

Jack– dancing. My favourite song is ‘what does the fox say’ I like that song“

Daniel– racing with Calum”

Calum– running so fast”

Well done Tigers🐯


Friday 26th March

Happy Friday everyone😊

The Tiger boys and girls have had a busy week working on their individual targets, where targets are being met. Fantastic, well done everyone🎉

The children have been working on patterns, continuing patterns and making their own 2 or 3 coloured pattern. Super work Tigers 🐯

Remember to check the main ECC page for our Easter egg challenge!
Have a fun weekend everyone😊

Miss Shields💗

Week beginning Monday 22nd of March 2021

Miss Shields and I would like to say a massive well done to Daniel and Alexis who have both achieved 2 of their targets this week! You are superstars and we are very proud of you both! ⭐️

Wednesday’s group time was lots of fun! Miss Sommerville brought in some coins for us to look at. We had lots of fun talking about the numbers we could see and we even found letters. The children were also able to use the coins to create rubbings onto the paper.

The tigers have been super busy this week so far. We had lots of fun yesterday at group time using Calum’s book he brought in for us to read. The children were excited to count the bananas on each page and talk about the pictures we could see. We spoke lots on the role of the author and illustrator and the children really impressed with their knowledge of these roles.

On Tuesday at group time we worked on developing our skills to draw a self portrait. These drawings were amazing and the children are adding lots of details. Well done tigers you are all stars!!

Friday 19th March

What a beautiful sunny few days we have had. The boys and girls have had a busy week outdoors playing games and exploring in the natural area. We made a bug hotel then used magnifying glasses to search for bugs. Lots of language used about spring and insects. The boys and girls have also been working super hard on their targets😊 so proud of you all. Well done❤️

Have a super weekend everyone😎
Miss Shields💗

Playing games and understanding stop, change direction.

Exploring outdoors together searching for bugs

Friday 12th March

The boys and girls have worked super hard on rhyming words through stories, matching pictures that rhyme and making up their own rhyming words. Super work Tigers🐯

Have a wonderful weekend everyone

Miss Shields💗

Wednesday 10th March 2021

During group time today the tigers  🐯 were working super hard on their rhyming skills. We use the rhyming bags to help us. The children are making good progress with these skills ⭐️.  Miss Shields also has some fun rhyming group times for the end of the week 😊!


Friday 5th March

The Tigers have explored colours this week. They have used their own pallet to mix the 3 primary colours together to see what colours they can make. Lots of language, prediction and excitement throughout.