Thursday 16th September

This week we have still been concentrating on transport and looked at how some emergency vehicles help us. The children have also been looking at simple forces such as floating/ sinking and pushing/ pulling. The children were using cars and paint to PUSH them down the slope and PULL them up the slope. At group times the children have been looking as sizes and comparing big and small.

forces and shapes

Hope you have a super holiday weekend and will see you on Tuesday

Mrs Wilson and Miss Carroll x

Friday 10th September

This week we have been focusing on Transport. The children have been using the I pads to find out information about planes. We have had the scooters and bikes out, trains and the cars. We even built our own bus. in Group time the focus this week has been on rhyming. We have talked about words that sound the same. You could try singing nursey rhymes at home with your children, this will help reinforce rhyming.


Friday 3rd September

This week we have been learning All about myself and finding out that we are all different. The children discussed their length of hair, colour of eyes, how many eyes, nose, ears we have. The children then looked in the mirror to see themselves and used playdough or made a paper plate of themselves.

Our star of the week is Lois for super tidying up. Well done Lois

All about Me

We have also went over our morning  routine. The children know they have to hang up their bag and jackets finding their own pegs. Wash their hands, find their name and post it at their lunch choice. All the children are following the routine well.

Hope you have a super weekend

Mrs Wilson & Miss Carroll

Friday 27th August

Our first full week at nursery and everyone has settled in well. We have a new Panda joining us, Thea and a new lady Miss Carroll who will be our keyworker alongside Mrs Wilson. This week we have been looking at colours and how we can mix them to make new colours. we used golf balls, paper plates and paint brushes to mix the colours.  We also looked at how we could make the colours darker or lighter. During group time we were playing a matching game to match our shapes and it also helped with our concentration skills. We were using the peg boards to help with our pincer grip for using pencils. Mason started to follow a pattern with her pegs.

Colours and Grouptime

Next week we are going to concentrate on ‘All about me’ If you have any pictures of who lives in your household (including the pets) or significant people in your life can you bring them in for one of our activities.

Hope you have a super weekend

Mrs Wilson & Miss Carroll x