Week beginning 29th of September

This week has been a literacy focused week! We have been practicing clapping out syllables and talking about rhyming words! We absolutely loved using the puppets and listening to the story Tess and Bess about little mice exploring outside. We then continued developing our understanding of rhyming words by trying to match the rhyming pictures to the right rhyming house. e.g. a house with a picture of a snake would match the card with a picture of a rake.

Syllables and Rhyme

Week beginning 13th of September 

The Monkeys are still loving the building site in our ECC. So a lot of our group times this week are around this theme! We had so much fun watching how old buildings were removed – watching the wrecking ball knock them down. We then had to use a “wrecking ball” to knock down the towers we made together and then count how many bricks we managed to knock down. The Monkeys were super at counting one brick at a time!!! Well done Monkeys!

Wrecking Ball Brick Counting


Week beginning 6th of September 

This week we have been very creative, focusing on building, counting and designing. The children have been introduced to some famous buildings, drawing them and building them with bricks. We also have been practicing our counting, counting one brick at a time and using a hammer to count the nails we hit.

Building Site Fun


⭐️ Well done Maria for being Star of the Week ⭐️



week beginning 30th of August 

Today we were overwriting our names and other words we wanted to know how to write. We used paint brushes with water to make our words vanish like magic ! Some of the Monkeys displayed great letter formation and drew their own letters. 🎨

Vanishing Words

Week beginning 23rd of August

The Monkeys have had a wonderful week! We have been talking about colours and singing our number songs! Outdoors the Monkeys and other children have been interested in ‘The Billy Goats Gruff’ and have loved playing in the water, making bridges and boats for the goats 🐐⛵!

Wishing all my Monkeys the very best summer holidays 🌞! I really wished we could celebrate our last few days in nursery but It won’t be long until I see you again!  Either returning to nursery or starting your new adventure in primary school! Will miss you all and have a fun filled summer!💛🐒💛

Wednesday 23rd of June 

Morning Monkey 🐒💛!

Let’s have some creative fun and make a den! Using anything around the house like bedsheets, old cardboard, some comfy pillows.

Once you have made your den you can use it as a wee reading nook or why not have your lunch inside your fort and have a chat about how you are feeling with your family.

You could even use your imagination and pretend you have built a castle and are protecting it from a dragon!!! Let your imaginations run wild!

Please email me any pictures of your dens


Bikes and Scooters  

We had fun with the bikes and scooters. We had to follow roundabouts, stop at zebra crossing for pedestrians and take them to the car wash 🧽

Bikes and Scooters

Olympic Games at Newmilns

The children loved sports day so much we decided to turn our nursery into the Olympic’s!

Olympic’s at Newmilns ECC



Please click the link below to see some videos and pictures of our sports day fun

Sports day and Silly Gilly

Week beginning the 10th of May

For snack today we were given pennies to pay for snack  we had to count out the coins 1 at a time, recognise the numbers and buy our snack!

 Paying for our snack

🐛Don’t squish the bug!!! 🐞
Today we had to try and use our balance and make sure we didn’t stand on the bugs, that were all over the obstacle course! All Monkeys and Penguins took part and were able to avoid the bugs. Well done everyone!

Don’t Squish the Bug Pictures


Look at the yummy patterns we made!

The Monkeys and Penguins had to make a 2 / 3 part pattern using fruit.
This is also a great activity to do at home with different coloured food!

Fruit Kebab Patterns


The Three Billy Goats Gruff starring: Ellie as the Troll, Oonagh and Emma M as the bridge, Aston, Harvie and Skye as the Goats and finally Luke and Alexa as the film directors.

Three Billy Goats Gruff


Week beginning the 26th of April 

The children are still loving exploring the beasties outside and have been talking a lot about butterflies 🦋 . For group time we made a cocoon using saws 🪚 and then we had to hit the piñata cocoon as hard as we could. Once we broke the cocoon a butterfly flew out.

 All the Monkeys had great gross motor skills and were able to hit the target (cocoon) each time!  We were able to talk about the life cycle of a cocoon during this fun activity.

Click below to see us trying to hit the cocoon piñata and us pretending to be caterpillars 🐛  in a cocoon (under green turpolin) then coming out as butterflies 🦋.

Butterfly cocoon


Week beginning the 19th of April 

The Monkey’s and Penguins have been having so much fun getting muddy and hunting for some creepy crawlies.
For every beastie we found in the garden we would use tally marks to show how many we had found. 🐜🕷🐌

click the link below to see some pictures of us exploring creepy crawlies.
Mini Beast Hunt

Week beginning 22nd of March 

This week we are focusing on floating and sinking!
we helped to make origami boats and predicted what we thought would happen… would they sink or float?

“Sink because it’s a boat” Lacey

“Sink because if we put it in a paddling pool it’ll sink” Emma

”sink” Luke     “sink” Julian   “Sink, it’ll crash” Alexa

“it’ll sink cause has a hole in it” Aston

We then had to find items in the garden to which we thought would sink or float.


Week beginning the 15th of March 

We found a pirate treasure map in our playroom! We had to dig for treasure and find the X to find the pirates treasure


The piartes had hidden stickers in the sand.

We found the treasure chest in the school playground. It had pirate hats and costumes. It also had jelly teeth inside!



This week we are going to be learning/talking about our rights!

what do we have the right to?  “PLAY!” (Aston, Alexa, Lacey, Emma)

”to watch t.v” Aston “    ”t.v.” Julian     “Food” Aston       “Drink” Lacey    “Wash hands” Julian    “Sleep” Aston

We worked together to create our new friend Will ! He helped us to think about what rights we have as a child.

week beginning 8th of March

We are having a musical week in the centre. Miss Whitaker and Miss Cardle have brought in their musical instruments for us to play. We talked about how the sounds of the instrument made us feel. We also had a wee boogie! 🎶🎻


Week beginning 1st of March

All the boys and girls are so happy to back playing and learning with their friends!

We have been focusing on the story ‘The Colour Monster’ – talking a lot about emotions and colours! 😊😳😢😡

Today we explored mixing 2 colours together to make a new colour! We then were able to paint our colour monster using our very own new paint colour! 🎨


What happened when you mixed blue and yellow together? “It made green!” Aston

What colour does red and white make? “PINK!” Lacey

What happened when you mixed all the colours? “It turned brown” Emma

What colour did you make? “Red!”Luke     “Black” Julian

We were all able to name the colours we made well done Monkeys!