Early Childhood Centre

The children have all settled well into the centre after the holidays and we have welcomed some new friends to the centre.  They are all stars!  We are now just 1 bubble which means we can all play and learn together.

We have introduced some new routines and we have all been getting to know them, the ladies included!

At lunch time we offer a rainbow lunch within the playroom as well as the bigger lunch within the school dinner hall.  The rainbow lunch allows for a quieter, smaller and more familiar space to the children until they get used to the lunch routine and are then able to go for lunch in the dinner hall.  All children are able to access the Rainbow lunch and your child may come home speaking about this.  Our lunch routine has changed for all children and children are now able to self select their lunch option by posting their name card under the lunch of their choice.  If you have any concerns around lunch time and what your child is eating please speak to Mrs Millar or your child’s keyworker.

Your Child’s Keyworker will be making phone calls to you week beginning 13th September to discuss your child’s care plan and set targets.  Please see below the dates in which your child’s keyworker will be calling you.  If this is not suitable please speak to a member of staff and we will slot you in at a time that is convenient.

Tigers – Miss Sommerville Monday 13th AM Miss Shields Thursday 16th AM

Monkeys – Miss Cardle Tuesday 14th AM

Giraffes – Mrs Barrie Wednesday 15th AM

Pandas – Mrs Wilson Monday 13th AM Miss Carroll Thursday 16th AM





🌻Welcome Back 🌻

The staff have been working hard to set the playroom up and we can’t wait to see all our returning children and welcome all our new starts to the centre.
Pleases see picture for some of the areas within in the centre.