Primary 1/2

Science Centre

P1/2 had a fantastic day at the Glasgow Science Centre!

🏆 Sports Day 🏆

P1/2 had a great time at Sports Day. They were super sports and did very well in their flat race, space hopper race and obstacle race! Well done!!!

Marvellous Maths

We have been learning lots of new things in maths this term! We have been learning about shapes, money, data handling, measure, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, time, position, direction and symmetry. Here are a few photos of some things we’ve been doing. We took some of the photos on our own to show our great work!

We made a human graph to show how many people like strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice-cream!

Logan made a square shape in play dough and cut it in half to make 2 triangles 🙂

Logan made a square shape in play dough and cut it in half to make 2 triangles 🙂

Sheridan shared 6 eggs between 3 bunnies which meant they each got 2 eggs! Sheridan decided to give the bunnies the eggs that were the same colour as their clothes 🙂

We shared 12 marbles between 3 people. Each person got 4 marbles! We used numicon to show the amount we shared.

🦕 P1/2 Met Dippy the Dino! 🦕

We had a fantastic day at Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow. There were lots of very interesting things to see, including Dippy the Dino! He was so big! It was amazing to see the real size of a Diplodocus dinosaur after learning all about it. At the end of the day, we had lots of fun playing some games outside.


We had a very special visit from some baby dinosaurs and four of their closest relatives, the bearded dragon lizard, gecko lizard, snake, and tortoise! We had so much fun meeting all of the animals and getting to touch them! They felt very strange. The dragon lizard felt jaggy, the tortoise felt smooth and and the snake felt sticky. We were very brave when we met the baby T-Rex and we made sure we didn’t touch its sharp teeth!!



🔴 Red Nose Day 🔴

P1/2 looked fantastic dressed to ‘Raise in Red’!  The boys and girls enjoyed taking part in some Red Nose Day activities and dancing to the Red Nose Day song. Thank you very much for your kind donations.

📚 World Book Day 📚

P1/2 enjoyed sharing stories with their P7 buddies! Their buddies then helped them design a book cover for their favourite book that they read together.

🍎 Staying Healthy 🍎

We have been learning how to be healthy. We identified lots of fruits and vegetables and decided which were which and threw them into the correct bowl to separate them! We learned that we should have lots of fruit and veg (because they’re good for our heart) and lots of things like bread, pasta, cereal, etc. (because they give us energy). We also learned that we should have some things like milk, cheese and yoghurt (because they are good for our bones) and some things like meat, beans and eggs (because they help us grow). We sorted lots of different foods, putting them on the ‘eat well plate’ to show how much of each type of food we should have. Afterwards, we enjoyed doing some dances to stretch and move our bodies and bones!

We have also been learning how to keep our teeth healthy. We read a comic about a boy called Elliott who went to the dentist and we found out what happens when you visit the dentist. It sounds fun! We learned that we should go to the dentist every 6 months and brush our teeth twice a day to keep them clean and healthy. We even had a go at being dentists ourselves!

🦖 A Visit from Dinosaur Experts! 🦖

Daniel and Jonathon from P5/6 visited P1/2 to share their excellent knowledge of dinosaurs and show the boys and girls some special models and artefacts! P1/2 thoroughly enjoyed the informative and engaging talk. They joined in with some actions to get an idea of the size of a T-Rex tooth & there were some volunteers who attempted to make the sound of a velociraptor.


At the start of term, we discovered some HUGE footprints in our classroom. We think they belonged to a T-Rex! They led to our sandpit which had lots of bones in it. The bones had some myths and facts about dinosaurs on them. We spoke about what these two words mean and sorted the bones to show which ones we thought were myths and which ones we thought were facts. We will find out if we were right while we are learning about dinosaurs.

Miss Smith found some dinosaur eggs so we put them in water and waited to see if they would hatch. We all predicted which dinosaur we thought might be in one of the eggs! We watched them closely for a few days and eventually the eggs cracked and the dinosaurs started to hatch. There was a T-Rex, a Triceratops and a Stegosaurus! We took the baby T-Rex to its Mum in our Dinosaur Park.

We have also been learning about dinosaur fossils. We looked at some pictures of the Diplodocus that is in the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow. It is very big! We also chiselled away at a dinosaur egg fossil and discovered a baby dinosaur fossil inside. There will be some special fossils on their way home soon because we are currently making some of our own!

The children in P5/6 made a dinosaur using K-Nex and they very kindly brought it to our class to show us. It was very impressive! Gabriel also brought in his own special dinosaur creation that he made at home 🙂

➕ Maths ➕

We have enjoyed practising our adding skills and learning about number stories and doubles. We have also been talking about and showing each other the different ways that we can count quantities.

Winter Wheesht

WE DID IT! P1/2 stayed quiet for the entire 20 minutes of their sponsored Winter Wheesht! Here’s a snippet of proof 🙂 They did a fantastic job and enjoyed doing some mindfulness dinosaur colouring in. Thank you everyone for your generous donations!

Burns Supper

We enjoyed our time at our Burns Supper where we listened to all the finalists recite their Scottish poems. Brian, Lillie-Mai & Logan were the P1 finalists and they did a fantastic job of reciting their poem to the whole school and parents/carers. Well done! We also had some haggis and Irn-Bru!

🐉 Chinese New Year 🐉

We have been learning about Chinese New Year. We learned that animals took part in a race to have a year named after them and 2019 is the year of the pig. We had a go at writing some numbers in Chinese. We did this on red paper because it is believed to be a lucky colour. Heather brought in a fantastic Chinese dragon that she made at home!

Burns Poetry Competition

In preparation for our Annual Burns Poetry Competition, P1 will be learning the Scottish poem ‘My Wee Doggie’. We will be holding a mini Burns Competition in class on Wednesday 30th January. The winning children will go through to the school Burns Competition on Thursday 7th February. Parents of finalists will receive a letter nearer the time inviting them to a special performance. Click the link below to find the P1 Burns Poem to practise at home.

My Wee Doggie

🎆 Happy New Year 🎆

P1/2 have had a great first week back at school after the holidays! They have all been working very hard and trying their best at all times 🙂 Here are some pictures of a few of the things we have been busy doing this week.

🎉 Christmas Party 🎉

P1-3 had a great time at their Christmas party. They enjoyed lots of dancing and some Christmas party games. They also had a special visit from Santa Claus!

🎄 Christmas Patterns 🎄

We have enjoyed learning about patterns and making some of our own.

📦 Special Delivery 📦

The Jolly Christmas Postman delivered a parcel from Eddie the Elf! We read the letter that came with the parcel and it told us Eddie had sent his friend to meet us. We opened the parcel to find that Eddie’s friend, The Snowman, had melted! We decided to write letters to Eddie and tell him what had happened and that we were going to make another snowman for him. We used special snow dough to make snowmen and we designed a hat, scarf and gloves for our snowmen. Then we wrote sentences underneath the snowmen to tell Eddie what their names were. Eddie was very happy that we did such a good job of helping him!

 🌟 Christmas Show 🌟

A massive well done to all the boys and girls for doing a fantastic job in their Christmas Show ‘Christmas with the Aliens’! They put in a lot of hard work and practise over the weeks. They all sang wonderfully and played their parts very well. Thank you to everyone who came to see the show. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed performing it! 🙂

🎁 The Jolly Christmas Postman 🎁

We had a special delivery from The Jolly Christmas Postman this week. He sent us his story book to read. We really enjoyed it! It had lots of familiar characters in it like Little Red Riding Hood and Humpty Dumpty. We made a story road to show the Jolly Postman’s journey and played some of the games and activities that were sent to the characters in the story. Eddie the Elf heard that we enjoyed the story so he set up a Post Office in our class!

 🎄 Eddie the Elf 🎄

P1/2 have had some special visits recently from Eddie the Elf! He’s been up to lots of interesting things! He very kindly put up our class Christmas Tree and asked us to help him fix his other trees by putting the baubles on the correct ones. We did very well making different amounts using magic ice and magic snowballs. Then he changed all of the books in our class library to his favourite winter stories for us to read! The next day he added some Christmas words to our velcro wall for us to read and spell. We will keep you posted with other special visits from Eddie!

 🎅 Christmas Lunch 🎅

P1/2 enjoyed a yummy Christmas lunch! Thank you to the kitchen staff for a delicious meal.

🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃

P1/2 had lots of fun dressing up in fantastic costumes to celebrate Halloween!

We enjoyed listening to the story ‘Room on the Broom’ and taking part in various activities related to the book. We went on a Halloween Scavenger Hunt in the playground and did a great job, working together to find all 12 Halloween pictures. A great time was had at our Halloween Party with P2/3! We also dooked for apples!

⋆ Maths ⋆

We’ve been having lots of fun while working hard at recognising numbers, counting and ordering numbers 0 – 10! We’ve also been having a go at number formation!

Jack and the Beanstalk

We have been reading the Fairy Tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and we started doing some exciting things to help save Fairy Land!

The giant left a special letter asking us to find things longer, shorter and the same length as his footprint and we did a fantastic job!

We worked together to make a beanstalk in the playground and practised counting on and back while climbing up and down the beanstalk. We also planted our very own magic beans to grow beanstalks in the classroom and sang a song to help us make them grow.

♫ Little Bean Song ♫

Fairy Land

A special visitor sneaked into our classroom last week and left a letter asking for our help! The Friendly Dragon needs us to help him save Fairy Land by reading more Fairy Tales. Keep visiting our page to see what we are getting up to over the next few weeks to save Fairy Land!

Welcome to P1/2!

P1/2 have had a great first couple of weeks! They have all settled very well and we’re looking forward to all the fun and exciting learning experiences ahead!