Term 2 News

Hi Everyone,

Time for another update!  I do hope you find this helpful at this time!

COVID-19 update

We are still adhering to local Risk Assessments around COVID-19 safety in schools. One positive change happening this week is the mixing of bubbles outdoors. We will still operate split breaks and lunches in respect of P1-4 and P5-7 for the time being but children within these classes can now play together rather than having to remain in class bubbles areas in the playground.   It was lovely to see the children playing together in the playground today!  Lots of very positive comments from lots of children.

This change also allows for our school houses to celebrate their success together in the playground with our new extra playtime reward. To get us started houses will receive an extra playtime once they receive 4000 points. With an extra playtime awarded for every 1000 points thereafter.

House Captains will provide an update on points soon!  We will let you know when we post their video.

Zones of Regulation 

I am introducing the zones of regulation to children in P5-7. This will also be introduced to P3-4 in the next few weeks.

The Zones of Regulation is a framework that teachers children about their feelings and utilises a variety of tools and strategies for regulation, pro social skills, self-care and overall wellness.  This sits alongside out Building Resilience Programme.

Self-Regulation is defined as the capacity to manage one’s thoughts, feelings and actions in adaptive and flexible ways across a range of contexts.

From time to time, including adults, everyone finds it hard to manage strong feelings, these would include, worry, frustration, anger, fear, restlessness or tiredness and this can stop us getting on with our day effectively.  The Zones of regulation aims to teach children strategies to help cope with these feelings.

The lessons and activities are designed to help children recognise when they are in the different zones and strategies to manage that zone.


School Improvement

Please click on the link below to find a simplified version of our School Improvement Plan.  We work together as a school community to work towards these aims.

Audience Friendly


This week we will begin work on our Christmas show:  A Very 2021 Christmas!

We have planned Christmas Party Days again this year, unless guidance changes, parties will be for a class, rather than cross stage again this year.  More information will follow nearer the time.

School Refurbishment Programme 

The October holiday saw the completion Miss Smith’s room with a new whiteboard and displays boards.

The lower floor corridor was also re floored and display boards put up! We are bin the process of displaying some of our super work!

I am meeting with a representative from Facilities Management at the beginning of December to discuss the next step in the re decoration programme.

Primary 5 worked together to produce this short video presentation as part of the property pledge promise. The Property Pledge is a promise between the school and Property and Facilities Management to take care of our school building.

Property Pledge

Achievements outwith School 

Please remember to encourage your child to share their achievements outwith school.  They can share their good news with their class and and earn an achievement brick for out wall.  We will share achievements on the achievement page of the blog too.

Mrs McCracken