Term 1 News

This term has been super busy!  Really don’t know where the time has gone! This post is just to up date you all on some of things that have been happening and some of things coming up!

School Improvements 

As you are aware the school was re wired and re piped over the summer.  This work is complete, with just the usual snagging to take place.  The children gasped at lunchtime when we switched the lights on at the beginning of term in the hall because they were so bright in comparison to what we had before!  We look forward to our new heating system keeping us all warm during the rapidly approaching winter months!

The outside of the school was painted before the summer and the inside is now being given a facelift! Phase one is almost complete with P1, P2 and upstairs being painted,  new display boards and new floor.  The main corridors are currently being painted with some of the floor being renewed during the October holiday.

The rest of the classes/corridors will be given their facelift, in keeping with that of the areas already complete, during phase two of the work which will take place next summer.

Here are some photographs to show you some of the work that has been done.  Primary 1 is still to get new boards where the whiteboard is and P5/6 just moved up stairs on Tuesday so still a few display things to move upstairs to their new class!  The open area has been transformed with the removal of the central benches.   We look forward to completing lots of excellent work for out corridor display boards once the painting is complete!

Active Schools

Lynsey Hogg, our active schools co-ordinator, has been working with children in P5/6 and P6/7 on playground leadership activities.  As part of this they are working together as a class outdoors, developing key teamwork, communication and creativity skills.  They are developing different games and activities which they will eventually roll out to other classes.

Learning Lab

As you know from previous communication,  we have been given additional staffing to support COVID recovery.  Mr MacLeod is currently undertaking this role and over the last few weeks has been team teaching in classes, building up relationships with pupils who he will support in our Learning Lab.

Some of the Learning Lab work will continue to be team teaching and some will be more targeted with identified children.  If your child is in the latter group we will update you of this during your child’s Child Plan Meeting in October.  Mr MacLeod will team teach in P2 and P6/7.    The Learning Lab will be in the classroom beside P5-6 and will hopefully open next week – we will upload some photographs once it is ready!  That room is currently waiting on its new floor to go down early next week.

School Improvement Priorities 

This session we have three improvement priorities in the school and ECC.

Improvement Priority 1:  Raising Attainment, particularly in literacy and numeracy through improved pedagogy, supporting  pupils and closely monitoring attainment. 

  • Continue to focus on pedagogy to improve learning, teaching and assessment in order to improve attainment and achievement in all aspects of literacy and numeracy at all stages across the school and ECC
  • At least 70% of pupils achieving expected levels of attainment in P1, 4, 7

Improvement Priority 2 :  Health and Wellbeing 

  • To further improve learners’ health and wellbeing, through implementation of HWB progression framework, Building Resilience Programme, outdoor learning, and  individual/small group bespoke packages to address specific HWB needs.

Improvement Priority 3:  Skills for learning, life and work

  • To provide real life opportunities for learners to apply skills learned and to develop “skills for the future”

We will update you on the progress of these outcomes as the session progresses.

East Ayrshire Counselling Service:  the Exchange.

Through the Scottish Attainment Challenge the authority now has a counselling service open to children who are 10 and over.  If you feel your child would possibly benefit from this please get in touch with Mrs Young.  Some of our pupils have already benefited from the service, if we feel your child would benefit we will obviously be in touch with you.

Learning in Classes

We are still awaiting the last of the photographic permissions to come in,  after which point we hope to be able to regularly update our twitter feed, allowing us to share learning with you.  Our Twitter feed is linked to the app, so don’t worry if you are not a Twitter user as Tweets will come through the news section of the app.

To get us started I have posted a few photographs of displays and some pupils work from different classes.

Coming soon!

Parent/Carer Conversations 

Parent/Carer Conversations are scheduled for week beginning 4th October.  We hope you find these valuable.  Parents/Carers of children on the ASN log who have a Child’s Plan or ILP will also receive a call from myself or Mrs young during the week of the 4th October.  Appointment slots will be issued next week via Seemis text.

P6 Skiing 

Newmilns Ski Slope have been successful in receiving funding, allowing all of our P6 pupils to attend a block of skiing lessons.  Our block starts just before the holidays, more information will be issued to P6 parents and pupils very soon.

School Photographs

We have a session booked with PhotoStudio in Ayr after the holiday.  We will issue more information through the app about this nearer the time.  But I know many of you were hoping for the return of school photographs this session so wanted to let you know this is planned.

Christmas Show

Next term is the term we usually start planning and rehearsing for our Christmas Show.  We don’t know what guidance will be in place by then and I am sure you can appreciate lots of practice is needed, so we are working on creating something that can be shared virtually if needs be!  A special take on the usual Nativity story!

I do hope you have found this information helpful at this time.

Stay safe,

Mrs McCracken