It’s almost time to come to nursery!

We are looking forward to welcoming our children back to the ECC later this week and we can’t wait to meet our children starting with us too.

Things will look a bit different when you return but Mrs Millar, your Keyworker and other ECC staff will be there to support families with this.

We will continue to look after the children as we did before and help them learn across the curriculum.  Early Years guidance allows staff and children to work together without the need to socially distance.  Adults in the ECC do need to socially distance from each other.

Children will be dropped off and collected from the garden area, pictured below. Please use the rainbows on the fence on the way round to ensure help maintain social distancing.   Please only arrive at your allocated time which can be found in the information sent out via the app.     Mrs Millar will sign all children in and Keyworker will be there to meet the children and take them into the nursery to hang up their jacket and bag.  

You will notice some changes in the playroom – we have made sure there is much more space for children to play.

Our current numbers allow for children to free flow between outdoors and inside and can all play together.   There will still be opportunties for children to play and learn in their key worker groups.

There are signs around the playroom to remind you to wash your hands and an adult will support you with this to make sure you do this properly.

Please keep checking our blog page for further updates!  And soon it and the groups pages will be filled with lots of happy children playing and learning together.