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Sports Week

After our very successful Sports Week, Lynsey Hogg, active schools coordinator has asked if anyone would be interested in answering these questions below to be shared with SportScotland on Twitter.This would be a great way to share some of the great activities you guys have been doing 😀

If you would like to share a response please email these to


Hello Everyone!

Good Morning Everyone.

Please remember when the weather is nice to take family learning outdoors if you can!

Social Distancing can be tricky for children to understand, here is a short animated story to hopefully help!  I have included two different versions of the same story – one with someone telling the story and one children can read on their own!

While We can’t Hug – music and words

While We Can’t Hug – oral story

Quick update – especially for Mums, Dads and other Carers at home!  

Last week we obviously heard, that as long as it is safe to do so, schools will begin moving into the renewal phase and plans will now gather momentum with regards how and when our pupils will return to school.  East Ayrshire are very much keeping health, safety and wellbeing at the heart of this planning process, and I am sure like me, you will appreciate that.

I also know, especially with my Mum hat on, we all want to know what is happening in August … pattern of attendance, groupings, what will it look like, childcare arrangements when kids aren’t at school etc. I genuinely cannot answer these questions at this time and I thank you in advance for your patience in respect of this.  As soon as I can I will update you! 

ECC places have not yet been confirmed. The Central Early Years team are undertaking work on this, again as soon as I know I will let you all know.

I hope to be able to share a class structure in the next fortnight or so.  I am just awaiting final clarification on staffing.

Annual Pupil Reports have been written and will be issued in August.  Transition reports for our pre school children will also be issued to parents in August.

Stay safe everyone!   Mrs McCracken



Pop onto teams today and check in with a joke! 😀 I’m sure it will be better than Mrs Young’s jokes!

Tomorrow I’ll post something different to check in with!

What do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you?

Nacho Cheese! 😀