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Week 2!

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a fun weekend.

Did you all start this morning doing PE with Joe Wicks?  Today looks like another lovely day, it might be a good idea to take a book outside to your garden if you are lucky enough to have one to read a book or share stories with your family.

There is still time to send me photographs of your rainbows – a few more will be appearing on our page soon!

Children in the school; last week I asked you to teach your family about Ready, Respect and Safe.  Keeping with this theme I would like you to teach everyone in your house about Fantastic Walking.   If you are out a family walk everyonce can have a go at walking fantastically!

Remember, heads held high and walking smartly with hands behind your back (you can hold hands if you are having your daily walk).

Teachers and Early Years Practitioners will continue to upload tasks for you all to do this week – remember do what you can when you can!  We hope more of you in the school will be able to log into Education City this week.   It has now moved onto a bigger server to cope with increased demand and should hopefully work better for you and everyone else trying to access it!

This week’s window challenge is flowers – this has been started in Newmilns and Darvel in memory of two local gentleman who sadly passed away recently.  Look out for beautiful flowers in the windows if you are out on your daily fitness walk with your family.





Our Rainbows!

Logan’s Rainbow!


Today I opened an email to find some beautiful flowers! Here they are for you all to see!

Another fab rainbow picture for our gallery this evening!  Well done!  

Logged back into GLOW and look what I found … another super Rainbow!  Well done!

Another Rainbow photograph!  Thank you boys!  

Thank you to Caitlin, Danni, Becky and David for their Rainbows today!  A special shout out to Matthew too – he hasn’t had time to design a rainbow, he has been too busy on the farm!


Have a look at the ECC page to see some of the wonderful rainbows the boys and girls from their have created!

We have our first Rainbow!  How many more can we get?  Let’s see if we can fill our page with Rainbows! 

Mrs Telfer has had fun making a Rainbow!


Good Morning

Hi everyone, this is a message from Mrs McCracken to all the Newmilns boys and girls!

I hope you are all well and managing to do some of the work set by you class teacher or by the practitioners in the ECC.

I will come on each week and set you a challenge of some kind!  This week there are two things I want you to do:

  • This part is for the children in the school:  teach everyone in your family about Ready Respect and Safe and think about how everyone can be Ready, Respectful and Safe in your home!
  • This part is for everyone, if you haven’t already, design a colourful rainbow and put it in your window.  After every storm comes a rainbow!    If you have already taken part in a rainbow challenge, you could add some colourful spring flowers to another window in your home.

You can even email me a picture of your Rainbows or Flowers and I can upload some of them to our blog!  Use this address to email me – you can even try to do this yourself from your GLOW account!

Have fun and stay safe everyone!

Distance Learning

I hope you are all surviving the first week of distance learning!  Please remember staff will be uploading various learning ideas and other activities to keep children learning during this challenging period.

Any problems or questions please contact myself or Mrs Young at the email addresses given via the app and we will do our best to help or can contact class teachers/Early Years workers on your behalf.

Please also remember, everyone in the house is out of their normal routine and might take a bit of time to settle into what is a new normal – hopefully one that isn’t here too long – but time will tell!

Although it is important that children do try to complete at least some of the activities suggested, they still need time to play and enjoy quality time making fun memories with loved ones in their homes.  So please remember take a break, even if it means for the rest of the day and come back to it tomorrow!  Reading books together, talking , baking, helping with chores are all good learning activities too!

Stay safe!

Mrs McCracken


Mrs Young’s P7 Challenge

 Mrs Young would like to challenge P7 to create a memory book which she will collate and print to gift to each P7 child, when the current situation is over. Each child is responsible for completing a page. Please see the link below for a full description of the challenge.

There is an online quiz for a most likely page to. E.g. most likely to be prime minister etc. I have added it below a copy of the full challenge. Please only complete if you are a current P7.

Good luck and enjoy! Completed pages can be emailed to Mrs Young using the address

Mrs Young’s challenge

Most likely to… quiz