Monthly Archives: August 2019

New Term


The new term is almost upon us!  We look forward to welcoming all the boys and girls back to school and nursery on the 19th of August at 9 am (or arranged time in the ECC).

New Primary 1 children will start at 9.30 am on the 19th of August.  Parents are welcome to come into the class in the morning for a short time to help settle their child and see them in their classroom.  P1 children can be collected at 2.30 pm on the first day.  Parent Pay information will be distributed during the first week.  If children require a snack this can be accommodated until accounts are set up – either with cash or an IOU.

Returning ECC children are reminded to use the ECC  main door – the new playroom and garden are waiting on excited boys and girls ready to play and learn in the new environment.

August start, 3 year old children will start on 20th of August.  Any changes to session times to help children settle can be accommodated if needed – please speak to your child’s key worker.