Monthly Archives: October 2017


Please remember to check the Newsletter section of our website to find the most up to date information on recent events and dates for the current term. Copies of both these letters will be going home in school bags today.





Sponsored Walk & Wellie Waddle

We had a very successful and very wet sponsored walk a few weeks ago. The weather was against us but the children still had a great time. Those who left in the afternoon seemed to get the better weather. Thanks again to all parents/carers who supported us either by walking with us on the day or by sending in sponsor money.

On Tuesday 10th October the Early Childhood Centre and Primary 1 will be participating in a sponsored Wellie Waddle. Once we have the totals for this we will update you all on a grand total raised! Fingers crossed for better weather tomorrow!


Parents Afternoon/Night and Book Fair

Thursday 12th October is our Parents Afternoon/Evening. All appointments have now been sent home and you should have received them. Please check school bags for appointment slips if you have not received yours yet. As normal we will have the Scholastic Book Fair on the same day.

All children will have the opportunity to visit the book fair in their classes before Thursday but purchases can only be made at Parents Afternoon/Evening. A leaflet with further information will be coming home today (Monday 9th October).

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No Pens Wednesday

Last week the whole school participated in a No Pens Wednesday which meant for a whole day all learning activities were planned without the use of pencils and pens! This is organised by the Communication Trust to encourage schools to put pens aside for the day and focus on developing other skills such as speaking and listening skills. Last year over 5000 schools took part. The pupils had a great day which you can see from some of the pictures!


Having great fun with some multiplication activities.


Using Maths skills to do some practical tiling.