Monthly Archives: May 2017

Circle Assembly Scavenger Hunt

The children had a great time in the sun on Friday working together to take part in a scavenger hunt as part of their circle assembly. Most of the teams managed to find all the items on the list but finding something that made music proved tricky! Well done to Cameron in P7 who impressed everyone when he whistled with grass!

P6 Angles Activities

In numeracy, some Primary 6 children have been learning about the names of different types of angles. Today they used the K-NEX to make different shapes and structures. The children then had to name the different angles and estimate their size. It was great to get outdoors in the sun!

Primary 2/3 Social Studies

Primary 2/3 are continuing to learn all about farming and harvesting this term. They have been busy planting wheat, barley and potatoes in our raised beds in recent weeks. They have been carrying out a variety of experiments to see how different atmospheres and conditions affect the growing of cress. This week they took delivery of some caterpillars which they are watching grow and develop in the classroom in the hope the will become butterflies. Primary 1/2 and the nursery will also be involved in this project.