Primary 1 Homework – Week beginning Monday 29th March  

Phonics and Spelling

Activity 1: We are learning the sound ‘th’. We are learning the words ‘this’, ‘that’, ‘then’.

  1. Log into Sumdog and complete the spelling activity “Spelling – 29.3”.
  2. Log into Sumdog and complete the competition “Spelling competition”.


Activity 1: We are learning to use the sounds we know to read words.

  1. Practise reading all of your common words.
  2. Reading books: Read the reading book that has been sent home in your bag.

Reminder:  This week, reading books must be returned on Thursday as Friday is a holiday.

  1. Log into Sumdog and take part in the grammar competition- this time it is in teams!



Maths and numeracy

Activity 1: We are learning to make doubles to 10.

  1. Practise making doubles calculations with your playdoh. The calculations you could make are :

1+1 = , 2+2=, 3+3=, 4+4=, 5+5=.

For a challenge, try making 6+6=, 7+7=, 8+8=, 9+9=, 10+10=



Talk Together Homework


Talk together homework is designed to develop your child’s talking and listening skills. This will help them with other aspects of literacy.

Top tops-

v  Make sure there are no distractions.

v  Try and sit face to face

v  Don’t ask too many questions

v  The discussion could last between 5-15mins.


This week, talk about: shoes.


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