Primary 1 Homework – Week beginning Monday 1st March

Phonics and Spelling

Activity 1: We are practising making words with the sounds we know.

  1. Log into education city. Select “Homework” then “Phonics – words” to play the games.
  2. Log into Sumdog and take part in the competition “Spelling Competition”.
  3. Practise writing CVC words using the sheet “Paint Pots” that you got with your homework.
  4. Practise identifying common words using your word search given with your homework.



Activity 1: We are learning to use the sounds we know to read words.

  1. Practise reading all of your common words.
  2. Log into Bug Club and read the book that has been allocated to you.
  3. Log into Sumdog and take part in the competition “Reading Homework Competition”.
  4. Choose one of your story books you have at home. Help an adult to read the story. Can you sound out some of the words or recognise some of your common words?


Maths and numeracy

Activity 1: We are learning to build the number stories up to 10.

  1. Log into Sumdog Maths and complete the practise work “Maths 1.3”
  2. Log into Education City select “Homework”, then “Maths 1.3” to play the games.
  3. Complete the 2 “Sleepy Sheep” activity sheets you were given with your homework.


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