Thursday 21st January

Vscene Information –

The passcode is the same every day. This was sent in a text on Monday. Please find a quiet space to join the video call. Can’t wait to see you all!

Session Title: EAC_Logan PS_P1 Daily Check-In
Details: Miss Kerr – P1 Daily Check-In
Date/s & Time/s: 9.30am each week day
Vroom number: 1467973
Telephone Option: Call +44 (0)300 201 0142 then enter the extension 1467973#

Phonics Lesson – 

Go to this Sway

Reading Lesson – 

Go to this Sway

Maths Lesson – 

Go to this Sway

Topic Lesson – 

Go to this Sway

Contact Information – 

As always, please send me examples of work.  If you have any questions or concerns, don’ hesitate to email me. Have a lovely day!

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