Primary 1 Homework – Monday 30th November 2020


Activity 1: We are learning to say, read and write the sounds ‘d’ and ‘e’.

Think of and draw 2 things that have ‘d’ at the beginning, and 2 things that have ‘e’ at the beginning.

Extra challenge: Practise your letter formation. Use your jotter to practise writing ‘p’ and ‘n’.

Activity 2: We are learning to say, read and write the words ‘did’, ‘as’, ‘he’.

Choose an activity to complete to practise making this week’s common words:

Write the words using coloured pencils, a different colour for each word.




Write a word train, all your words together with no spaces.




Write the words using pyramid writing.






Make the words using pasta or rice in your home.


Cut letters from a newspaper or magazine and stick them together to make the word. Make the words using natural materials e.g. sticks, leaves, acorns. .


Activity 3: We are learning to narrate a story.

Use your child’s Bug Club login to log into Bug Club. Open the book “Tyres of Ted”. Ask your child to narrate the story to you.

Maths and numeracy

Activity 1: We are continuing to learn to add quantities to 10 and write the calculations.

Log into Sumdog and complete the maths challenge “Homework 30.11.20”

Activity 2: We are learning to count in 2s and 5s.

We have been practising counting by 2s to count up in 2p and counting by 5s to count up in 5p.

Use the following links to practise counting by 2s and 5s:

Topic activity

Activity 1: As part of our topic, “My Community”, we have been learning about the local church and comparing this to a mosque.

Discuss the following features and whether they would be found in a church or a mosque:

  • A bell tower
  • Making friends
  • A wash room
  • Stained glass windows
  • People praying
  • A prayer mat