Primary 1 Homework – Monday 16th November 2020


Activity 1: We are practising the sounds that we already know.

The sounds we already know are:

p       n       s      i      a      t

Cut out the letters from your homework sheet. Use the letters to practise making the following words:

pat, sit, ant, tap, nip, sat, pin, tip

*Remember- you must say the words so that you can hear the beginning, middle and end sound. Show your adults at home how to blend the words.

Activity 2: We are practising the common words that we know.

The common words we already know are:

and, is, a, an, the, I, in, it, at

Log onto Sumdog spelling and complete the spelling challenge “Spelling 16.11.20”. Good luck!

Activity 3: We are learning to narrate a story.

Use your child’s Bug Club login to log into Bug Club. Open the book “Storm Friends” You can then either use the ‘read to me’ function or ask your child to narrate the story to you.

Maths and numeracy

Activity 1: We have been learning to add to 5.

Log onto Sumdog maths and complete the addition challenge “Homework 16.11.20”

Activity 2: We are learning to recognise all coins and notes to £20.

Click the link:

Select ‘sorting’. Then ‘sort one coin’


Search in Google

  • Topmarks
  • Then search in Topmarks ‘about coins game’.
  • Then ‘Sorting’.
  • Then ‘Sort one coin’.

Topic activity

Activity 1: We have been learning about the emergency services.

Act it out! Use your toys or someone at home to pretend you are one of the 3 emergency services we have learned about:

  • Fire brigade
  • Police
  • Ambulance

Get someone else to guess what emergency service you are acting out.

e.g. you could pretend you are saving a cat from a tree with your toy figures if you are being the fire brigade.

Have fun!