Primary 1 Homework – Monday 26th October 2020

  • These activities are intended to be carried out across the week. Homework should take no longer than 20 minutes per night.
  • Your child will have a homework jotter in their bag. This should be kept at home and not returned to school. It is for the children to use for any written homework activities.


Last week we learned the sounds ‘a’ and ‘t’. We also learned the common words ‘a’, ‘at’ and ‘the’.

Activity 1: We are learning to say, read and write the sounds ‘a’ and ‘t’.

Treasure hunt! Go on a hunt around your home. Make a pile of items that begin with the sound ‘a’. Then make a pile of items that begin with ‘t’.

Extra challenge: Practise your pencil control. Draw 2 ‘a’ items and 2 ‘t’ items. Make sure you hold your pencil correctly.

Activity 2: We are learning to say, read and write the words ‘a’, ‘at’ and ‘the’.

Choose an activity to complete to practise making this week’s common words:

Write the words using coloured pencils, a different colour for each word.




Write a word train, all your words together with no spaces.




Write the words using pyramid writing.






Make the words using pasta or rice in your home.


Cut letters from a newspaper or magazine and stick them together to make the word. Make the words using natural materials e.g. sticks, leaves, acorns. .



Maths and numeracy

In term 1, we learned about 2D shapes and 3D objects. Part of the homework this week is to recap this knowledge.

We are also exploring numbers to 20.

Log into Sumdog to access this week’s maths homework.

Activity 1: We are learning to identify and match 2D shapes and 3D objects.

Complete challenge on Sumdog- “Shape homework 26.10.20”.

Activity 2: We are learning to count and order numbers to 10.

Complete challenge on Sumdog “Number homework 26.10.20”.



Reminder: On Friday, the children can dress up or dress down for school. However, the children must not bring any props into school. Please ensure your child can still go to the toilet independently with their costume on.


We will complete Halloween activities throughout the week and have a small Halloween party in the class on Friday afternoon.