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What are QR codes?

If you’ve only vaguely heard the term QR codes or seen odd pictures appearing on trains, in magazines and in shops What is a QR code? is a nice site that explains very simply what QR codes are and what they’re for. Given the massive growth of mobile internet access and mobile learning, it will be interesting to see the role QR codes play in education. There have been loads of articles written about this, e.g. this one at Wired Academic.

100 best classroom web tools

Here is a great list of web tools that can be fantastic for use in school -

100 best classroom web tools in 2011 (Edudemic)

 Note: We may not have access to all of these due to authority firewall restrictions! :(

Grockit – a social network for learning

Grockit is a new social network for learning  – it offers a glimpse of what could be achieved with a learning-focused social network. Grockit attempts to socialise and gamify test preparation for the US curriculum. Here is the overview video -

It’s certainly a thought-provoking product – see more at http://grockit.com

There is also an article about it on Edudemic.

Periodic table of the social web

Here is an interesting infographic giving an overview of the social web (with links) from the flavo.rs blog - 


EAC Glow CfE site – ICT page

Our authority CfE site has a page on ICT in CfE, which contains some interesting and inspiring resources / presentions on web 2.0 tools for education.

These resources have 2 uses -

  • to inspire and demonstrate the kind of tools we can use in schools
  • to inspire ideas of how we can use these tools a) with pupils in the classroom and b) with colleagues in cpd

Glow gives us a platform to publish with these tools, in a safe, collaborative environment, locally and nationally. Posts giving some specific tools, tips and ideas for using web 2.0 tools in education will follow shortly.

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