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YouTube coming off schools’ banned lists?

Interesting article in NYTimes about steps taken by YouTube to make the site more friendly to local authorities and schools. Hopefully this will enable schools to make full use of some excellent resources.

YouTube finds a way off schools’ banned lists

Beginners’ Tip – Adding your videos to a Glow page

There are a few options for adding a video to a Glow page, but the easiest method seems to be to embed your video using the XML web part.

To do this you firstly have to upload your video (from your phone / camera) to another website such as Vimeo (www.vimeo.com), TeacherTube (www.teachertube.com) or YouTube (www.youtube.com). These sites are useful places to store your videos – they tend to need very basic account set-up, and can be accessed from anywhere. Note: although they are termed video-sharing sites, you do not have to share your videos. You can use them simply for storage by ensuring your account settings are private.

Once you have put your video on the site, here are the steps for getting them on Glow (these instructions also apply to videos that someone else has posted on a video-sharing site):

  • On Vimeo, Teachertube or YouTube you will have the option of embedding your video somewhere else.
  • Copy the embed code as instructed on the site.
  • Back in your Glow page, go to Add Web Parts and add the web part called XML.
  • Open the Tool Pane then open the XML Editor.
  • Paste the code into the XML Editor.
  • You can change the Appearance of the web part here if you wish, for example the title or dimensions.
  • When you OK this the video should appear on your Glow page.

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