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Peer Mentoring at JHA

James Hamilton Academy now have two pupil-run Peer Mentoring Glow groups – one for P7 and one for S1. Senior pupils add content to these sites, including subject information and information onĀ theĀ support available to new pupils. They also run a discussion area called Talk To Us! where new S1 or P7 pupils can ask the Peer Mentors questions about life at the school. For more information contact Mr Cochrane at James Hamilton Academy.

Auchinleck Transition group

Auchinleck Academy have an excellent Transition Glow group where pupils from primary schools in the area can find out about the Academy and ask questions in the Chat Zone. This is proving to be very popular with P7 pupils and the school are now looking to get S1 and senior pupils involved so that they can answer questions too. The group will also be used for Glow Meets between primaries and the secondary. For more info contact Mr Tickner at Auchinleck Academy.

Cartoon Transition Glow Group

David Stokes at Dalrymple PS has developed a fantastic transition project using Glow and a cartoon creation tool. Pupils are asked to create cartoons about themselves and school life and share them on Glow. The supporting Glow group gives detailed instructions and sets tasks for transtition groups to work through. Dalrymple PS pupils will be working with pupils from South Ayrshire on this project (part of the Carrick Academy cluster). Here is a link to the Glow group – https://portal.glowscotland.org.uk/establishments/eadalrympleprimaryschool/P7%20Carrick%20Transition/default.aspx. You will have to ask David for access to this as it is not an open Glow group.

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