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Edudemic Pulse

Edudemic Pulse is the new weekly digest of (US) education and technology news. Here is the blurb -

Edudemic Pulse is a new way to passively stay connected with our progressive–and frequent–content. Edudemic Pulse is a digest of content of #edtech grab-and-go content handpicked for K-12+ classroom application. Most of this will be directly sourced from the website, but more precisely focused on quick resources busy teachers can use on-the-go.

  • Tech tools and news
  • Social media classroom integration
  • Common Core resources
  • Curricula (Units, lessons, activities) 
  • Tech-infused instructional strategies
  • News, events, and more!

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Internet Safety presentations

There are 2 excellent new presentations on Internet Safetry and Responsible use on Ollie Bray’s blog -

  • Computer Games in Education
  • Social Media in Schools

Schools and Social Networking

An interesting report and infographic (below) from ASCD (a US educational leadership organisation) on the issues of social media in education - 

Can Social Media and School Policies be Friends?

100 best classroom web tools

Here is a great list of web tools that can be fantastic for use in school -

100 best classroom web tools in 2011 (Edudemic)

 Note: We may not have access to all of these due to authority firewall restrictions! :(

Grockit – a social network for learning

Grockit is a new social network for learning  – it offers a glimpse of what could be achieved with a learning-focused social network. Grockit attempts to socialise and gamify test preparation for the US curriculum. Here is the overview video -

It’s certainly a thought-provoking product – see more at http://grockit.com

There is also an article about it on Edudemic.

Google+ in education

An interesting article from http://edudemic.com/ about the possibilities of using Google+ social media platform in education -

Edudemic- Google+ in education

Periodic table of the social web

Here is an interesting infographic giving an overview of the social web (with links) from the flavo.rs blog - 


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