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Advanced Tips – Using Glow Learn with an existing Glow Group

If you have a Glow Group for a class or activity and would like to add the more structured, formal content of Glow Learn, this is a brief explanation of how it is done. There are more detailed instructions on the Glow Learn Training Guide.

Note: It is important to begin a new session on Glow before creating anything on Glow Learn, so log off then back on.

  • In the Glow group you want to use, go to Add Web Parts then browse through the Virtual Server Gallery until you find the web part called Glow Learn – Learning Space. This creates a link between the Glow group and Glow Learn. A Learning Space is the name given to a Glow group that is combined with Glow Learn.
  • You may need to amend the membership of your Glow group. Any teachers accessing the Learning Space should be given Administrator rights. You should ensure all pupils that need access have appropriate membership.
  • Log off Glow then log back on. Go to Glow Learn via the link on the left-hand navigation bar.
  • In Glow Learn you will see that there is a new shared folder for the Learning Space. At first it will be empty.
  • To add a course to the Learning Space folder you can either copy an existing course from My Course or create a new course in the Learning Space folder.
  • To add an existing course, go to that course by expanding the My Courses folder. Highlight the course and copy it (using the Copy icon on the toolbar). Then go to the Learning Space toolbar and paste the course into it.
  • To create a new course in the Learning Space, click on the Learning Space folder then click on the Create a New Course icon on the toolbar. You can then add resources to it.
  • Next you have to enrol pupils on the course. With the course folder open, click on the Enrol icon on the toolbar. This creates a copy of the course, which is called the enrolled course – you should give it a relevant name that distinguishes it from the unenrolled course.
  • In the My Groups list open up the Learning Space folder and select the appropriate pupils / staff and add as student / teacher.
  • To check what you’ve done to your Learning Space, click on the enrolled course name in the Learning Space folder then click Launch in the right-hand window. You can access course details from here, e. g. resources and objectives.
  • Log off Glow then log back on. Go to the Glow group to see the Learning Space as it appears there. Anyone enrolled on the course will now see the course details and any assignments from here. Clicking on the course name will launch the course in Glow Learn.

You can use the Glow group tools with a Learning Space, e. g. a Discussion forum, to support the more formal aspects of the course that are being taught using Glow Learn.

Two examples of Learning Spaces in East Ayrshire schools are -

There are lots of interesting examples in the Glow Learn Cookbooks.

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