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Glow Migration Update

On 4 October 2013 Education Scotland wrote to all Directors of Education providing an update on Glow.

You can read the full text of this letter on the Glow Scotland blog.

Doon Learning Community Glow Drop-In

The Doon Learning Community drop-in for Glow Champions and anyone else interested in Glow will be held on Wednesday 23rd February  in Doon Academy. The session will start at  approx. 3.30 and should last about an hour.

These informal sessions have been very useful so far and take a loose format of

  • Updates on new Glow tools – Glow Light, Wikis and Blogs
  • Learning Community / Transition collaboration opportunities
  • Demo of good examples of Glow use
  • Questions / problems / issues

The Glow Champions Group contains some more info on these sessions and also includes new pages for demos of blogs and wikis.

Glow Champions group updated

The EA Glow Champions Group has been updated to offer more support to Glow Champions and anyone else with an interest in developing Glow use in schools. The site will act as a forum for staff to look at new developments in Glow, to explore collaborative projects and to identify specific training needs.

In particular there are pages on Glow Wikis and Glow Blogs, which will include demo versions of these tools that can be accessed and edited by anyone. These pages will be used to provide support and ideas for people looking to introduce wikis and blogs in their classroom or professional practice.

The site will also be updated with details of each of the Glow Champions drop-in sessions taking place throughout Feb and March.

Cumnock Learning Community Glow Drop-In

The drop-in session for Cumnock Learning Community’s Glow Champions (and others interested in Glow) will be held on Thursday 10th February in Greenmill Primary School. The session will begin at 3.30 / 3.45 and will last for approx. an hour.

The drop-ins are informal sessions where colleagues will

  • be kept up to date with new developments in Glow
  • be encouraged to share examples of good practice
  • be able to identify training needs
  • look at opportunities for collaboration and further use of Glow

Many thanks to Mrs Turner at Greenmill PS for agreeing to host!

Auchinleck LC Glow Champ Drop-In

The first Glow Champion drop-in session of 2011 will be held at Auchinleck Academy on Thursday 3rd February (3.30 / 3.45). All from the Auchinleck Learning Community are welcome, particularly Glow Champions or any other staff with an interest in Glow.

The sessions will be informal and will cover examples of Glow use, help and advice, collaboration and training opportunities. I’ll post a summary of key points from the session here.

Glow Champion Drop-Ins

We are arranging some drop-in sessions for Glow Champions in the new year. There will be one drop-in session per Learning Community and they will probably be hosted by each secondary school. These sessions will be to:

  • share examples of Glow use
  • provide updates and help
  • explore collaborations
  • identify common problems
  • identify additional training needs

 The agenda will be fairly open and I’ll try to respond to the needs of the Glow Champions who attend. I’ll post dates and venues here soon.

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