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Beginners’ Tip – Organising multiple Glow groups

Thanks to Marianne Flanagan at Dalrymple Primary School for this tip!

This tip is useful if you have an ever-expanding list in My Glow Groups that you would like to manage and access more effectively, for example:

  • E-Portfolios for one or more classes
  • Glow groups for every class in your department

In an existing Glow group (e.g. a class, subject or department group) create a new Links list -

  • Go to Advanced Settings then Create.
  • Chose the Links List web part and customise and title it to suit your needs.
  • Go back to the Glow page and Add Web Part.
  • Choose the newly created Links list from the establishment menu.
  • Add links to the list for the Glow groups you want to group together, e.g. P7 e-portfolios, or S1 Social Subjects Glow groups.

You now have access to the Glow groups via a ‘parent’ Glow group of some kind. Now you can organise your My Glow Groups -

  • Go to My Glow Groups.
  • Add the ‘parent’ Glow group to your Favourites.
  • If you already had all of the other Glow groups in your favourites too, remove them (they will still be listed under My Glow Groups, but will appear further down the list).
  • The ‘parent’ Glow group will now appear near the top of the list of My Glow Groups. This will now be the main access point for all of the Glow groups you have listed in the new Links list.

A new Glow front page (Glow Lite) will hopefully make the management of Favourites easier – due sometime soon!

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