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New Auchinleck Nursery School blog

Auchinleck Nursery School is the latest East Ayrshire establishment to launch its own school blog. The school will use the blog to keep parents up to date with its plans, priorities, events and activities.

Here is the link -


New blog for Cairns Nursery

Cairns Nursery in Kilmarnock has just launched its new blog - Cairns Nursery. The blog will be used primarily for communicating with parents and carers. The nursery handbook, newsletters, and a weekly diary for pupils will be posted on the site.

Using Glow with a Primary 1 Class

P1 teachers at Annanhill Primary have been using Glow to record the class’s activities. Both P1 classes have a Glow group made up of pages for their activities, e. g. Chinese New Year, School Garden, Christmas Crafts, etc. The pages contain a little bit of text to explain the activity and lots of photographs showing the pupils at work. This is a very simple and extremely effective way of using Glow with Early Level pupils. Glow could also be used in this way with a Nursery class. See the image below for an example of one of the pages.

For more information contact: Ross.McGregor@east-ayrshire.gov.uk

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