Creating a Glow Group

What is a Glow Group?

A Glow group is a site within Glow where a defined set of users (members) can share materials, communicate and collaborate.

Why use Glow Groups?

Glow Groups can be established and run for many different purposes, e.g.

  • You could create a Glow Group for your class and add pages to the group for different activities or units of work.
  • You might create a Glow Group for a particular theme or unit of work with a class.

In both cases, the Group could be used as a resource bank for pupils to discuss prior knowledge of a topic, to access learning materials and to upload their own work to gain feedback from their peers.

  • Similarly, a group of staff could use a Glow Group to collaborate, e.g. plan and deliver a cross-cutting project.

Creating a Glow Group

  • In the left-hand navigation bar click on your school name.
  • Go to the Glow Groups page (via the tab along the top).
  • Click on the New Glow Group link.
  • The Create Glow Group form will open. 
  • Enter a Name for your Glow Group.
  • Enter a Description. This is optional, but it is useful for other Glow users to know the purpose of your Glow Group.
  • There are three Templates to choose from – select the Full Glow Group template.
  • Select an appropriate Filter Policy. All text based items, such as news, discussions and documents added to the Group are checked for inappropriate language. Items with inappropriate language are not uploaded. Use the default list.
  • ‘Use the same members as this site’ – Do not tick the box (you can set the membership of your group if you do not tick this).
  • Click on Create Glow Group. The new Group will open, ready to use.

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