Closing and Moving Webparts

Closing a Webpart

If there are any default web parts that you do not want on the page, or if you add on then change your mind, you can close them.

  • On the title bar of the web part there is an arrow, which opens the web part menu.
  • Click on this then click on Close.
  • Only click on Delete if you are absolutely sure you will not need that web part again.

Moving Webparts

If you want to move web parts around your page to change the layout –

  • Click on Modify Shared Page.
  • Select Design this Page.
  • The page will now be in edit mode.
  • If you place the cursor over the web part title bar you will see it change to arrows.
  • You can now click and drag the web part into different areas. Note: you can place multiple web parts in one body area, e.g. the Header.
  • To see your new page design go back to Modify Shared Page and click on Design this Page to de-select it.

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