Adding Images to your Group

Adding an Image

  • On your Glow Group Noticeboard page find the Image web part.
  • Click on To Select an Image Click Here.
  • Click Browse to search for the image. The Choose File window will open.
  • Locate the image you are looking for on your computer or network.
  • Select the image and click Open.
  • Click on Upload.

To resize an image you have to modify the Image web part.

Modifying Webparts – Resizing an Image

  • Click on Modify Shared Page.
  • From the Modify Shared Web Parts menu, choose Image.
  • This shows the page in edit mode, with a tool bar on the right-hand side showing the editing options.
  • From here you can change the title, the size, and the frame style of the web part.
  • To resize the image click on Scale Image.
  • Tick Enable Image Scaling.
  • Enter the size you want your image to be (recommended is 300 x 250 but you can try variations).
  • Click Apply then OK.

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