Adding a Discussion

You will notice that one of the default pages on your new Glow Group is a Discussion page. You can either use this page as your discussion area, or you can add Discussion web parts to other pages, e.g. the Noticeboard.

To add a Discussion web part to the Noticeboard page:

  • Click on Modify Shared Page.
  • From the Add Web Parts menu, choose Browse.
  • This shows the page in edit mode, with a tool bar on the right-hand side showing the Add Web Part options.
  • At the top of this tool bar there are 3 web part galleries, with the school gallery highlighted. The list under this shows the web parts that are available to choose.
  • Highlight Discussions then choose an area you want to add it to, e.g. Body Area 1.
  • The Discussions webp art will now appear in that area.

To add a discussion topic or question:

  • Click on Add New Discussion.
  • The Discussion: New Item screen will appear.
  • Give the discussion a title and add your text.
  • Save and close. This will appear on your page.
  • To reply to message, click on the title of the message, then Reply.
  • To edit or delete a message, click on the title of the message, then Edit or Delete.

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