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Quizlet is a fantastic website based around flashcard study guides and quizzes, covering most subject areas and topics (with a particular focus on languages). You can use the massive bank of flashcards already created or create your own and share them. Here’s the introductory video -

Lights out for Wikipedia

Wikipedia will go dark at midnight tonight (Tuesday) in protest against proposed US internet piracy legislation. The site will be unavailable for Wednesday 18th January.

Read more on this at The Guardian.

Article on new OLPC tablet

Here is an interesting article from Edudemic ( on the new OLPC Tablet - the low cost, highly durable tablet for schools. Given that many schools are far from being in a position to purchase ipads, this sounds like an option worth considering. (They can only be bought in bulk at the moment.)

100 best classroom web tools

Here is a great list of web tools that can be fantastic for use in school -

100 best classroom web tools in 2011 (Edudemic)

 Note: We may not have access to all of these due to authority firewall restrictions! :(

Dobble the Letter Collector game

Dobble – The Letter Collector is an excellent little game for younger primary pupils learning their letters. The character jumps around collecting letters for a word.

They Draw and Cook

They Draw and Cook is a wonderful-looking website with recipes illustrated by artists from around the world. The recipes range from basic to more unusual (Thai pineapple curry ice cream). The illustrations are fun and will make the site appealing to young people. There is an easy search / browse and a world map showing the origins of the recipes. You can also share recipes you find using Facebook and Twitter.

Noteflight – musical notation site

Noteflight is a musical notation site, where you can create and write music, hear your music, store and share it, or embed it in Glow or a blog. You have to sign up but there is a free version with lots of great features.

New EA Glow Help page

The EA Glow Help page has been redesigned for simpler navigation. New resources have also been added to the Useful Links page (some of which will be highlighted in this blog).

Wonderful weather sites

Two excellent weather sites for Geography teachers -

Weatherspark - a great-looking site giving detailed maps and graphs of historical, current and forecast weather.

Global clouds - gives near real-time global cloud cover.

These sites and more are listed on the Useful Links page on EA Glow Help.

Periodic table of the social web

Here is an interesting infographic giving an overview of the social web (with links) from the blog -

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