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They Draw and Cook

They Draw and Cook is a wonderful-looking website with recipes illustrated by artists from around the world. The recipes range from basic to more unusual (Thai pineapple curry ice cream). The illustrations are fun and will make the site appealing to young people. There is an easy search / browse and a world map showing the origins of the recipes. You can also share recipes you find using Facebook and Twitter.

TES Cyberbullying resources

Lots of useful Cyberbullying resources on TES this week in their Behaviour Management section. Cyberbullying is an increasingly big issue and is a key part of Internet Safety and Responsible Use – see also the LTS site ISRU.

TES Cyberbullying Resources

Mobile phone security

On the theme of Internet Safety and Responsible Use, here is a very effective infographic on the perils of losing your mobile phone from McAfee – useful for PSE / ICT / Internet Safety-themed lessons or assemblies.

More info at  –

Health and Wellbeing on Glow

Take a look at EA’s Health and Wellbeing Glow group - this excellent site contains news, resources, events and CPD opportunities for all staff. The site includes a substantial collection of resources supporting Substance Misuse Education.

For more info contact Alison Crawford, Health & Wellbeing Coordinator.

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