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Kirkstyle Primary School blog

Another great school blog has been launched in East Ayrshire. Kirkstyle Primary School’s site can be found here -

The blog has lots of information for pupils, parents and the school community, and will be developed further in 2012.

Digital storytelling with Little Bird Tales

Little bird tales is an excellent, free digital storytelling tool. You can upload audio and drawings / photos to create pages of a storybook. Nice and easy to use.

Loanhead Primary School blog

Another great new primary school blog from East Ayrshire has gone public – Loanhead Primary School have launched their site today, with plans to develop the site further in 2012 with contributions from teachers and pupils.

Have a look here –

100 best classroom web tools

Here is a great list of web tools that can be fantastic for use in school -

100 best classroom web tools in 2011 (Edudemic)

 Note: We may not have access to all of these due to authority firewall restrictions! :(

Quick Guide to Adding Content to Blogs

Here is a quick guide to adding content (text, images, files) to blogs -

Quick Guide to Adding Content to a Blog

I’ve also put this on a Page on the right for ease of access and also on the EA Glow Champions Group.

Mauchline Primary on Popplet

Mrs Cross’s P4/5 class have been using the excellent tool in class. This is perfect for pupils doing mindmaps or diagrams to illustrate topics, and is very simple to use.

Top Glow Groups in East Ayrshire

I’ve produced a list of the top 50 Glow groups in East Ayrshire from August to December (by usage) -

 Top 50 East Ayrshire Glow Groups Aug to Dec 11

Here are the top 10 -

Rank Glow Group Establishment Created Hits
1 P5A and Miss Anderson Onthank Primary School 29/08/2011 6019
2 Mrs Moir’s Class New Farm Primary School 25/01/2010 5582
3 P5C and Miss Spence Onthank Primary School 17/08/2011 5049
4 Mr Adams Intermediate Class Grange Academy 19/05/2011 3754
5 P6A and Mrs Elder Onthank Primary School 06/12/2010 3710
6 I.C.T Galston Primary School 21/09/2011 3667
7 Mr McCracken Primary 7 New Farm Primary School 16/02/2010 3520
8 Mrs Barlow’s Class New Farm Primary School 16/02/2010 3423
9 History Int. 2 (S3 – S4) Grange Academy 17/03/2011 3335
10 English Department Grange Academy 18/05/2010 3187

Glow usage in East Ayshire (as in most other authorities) is growing. Recent statistics showed that the percentage of active pupil accounts logging on to Glow was 20% – this is higher than our neighbouring authorities.

Dobble the Letter Collector game

Dobble – The Letter Collector is an excellent little game for younger primary pupils learning their letters. The character jumps around collecting letters for a word.

ICT in Education and future of Glow update

Here is the latest update on the Scottish Goverment’s ICT in Education consultation, from Jamie MacDougall, on behalf of the
ICT in Education Programme Team -

Last month over 110 people attended an ICT Summit in Stirling Management Centre and upto 900 people participated online discussing the future of ICT in Education, including the evolution towards the new Glow solutions.

Following that summit jointly hosted by ourselves and Education Scotland, we would like to share with you the key recurring feedback points received and/or identified by all involved.

With these in mind, we have moved to the next phase and in the next couple of weeks we will be outlining details of ICT in Education programme, including the key stages we will go through towards realising our 5 ICT in Education objectives: Culture Change; Improve Confidence; Promote new behaviours; Deepen parental engagement; and Strengthen the position on hardware and associated infrastructure.

Throughout the course of the programme you can expect updates via a dedicated section on Engage, including opportunities for continuous dialogue. We will also be identifying key junctures in the process where we will seek to respond to any questions you may have about the programme.

Thanks again to all those who have contributed so far, we look forward to continuing working with you to realise our ambition.

View the ICT Summit Feedback Summary.

The conversation continues online using the #EduScotICT hash tag.

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