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Wider impact of blogging on learners

A great article on the wider impact of blogging on young learners from Mindshift - 

Can learning how to blog change Makeal’s life?

Find out about how to blog with Glow here - Glow Help – Blogs.

Noteflight – musical notation site

Noteflight is a musical notation site, where you can create and write music, hear your music, store and share it, or embed it in Glow or a blog. You have to sign up but there is a free version with lots of great features.

New tools for graphics and images

The Useful Links page on EA Glow Help contains some new tools and sites for making interesting and fun graphics and images, for use in Glow or elsewhere.

Here are some examples -

Jackson Pollock effects  – create screen-based graphics based on the style of the famous painter.

Tiltshiftmaker - transform your photos into miniature models using this odd effect.

Clay Yourself - create clay model avatars

Fotobabble - create talking photos and embed them

Blabberize - add moving mouths to your talking photos!

Domo Aminate - younger child version of Go Animate

Fontstruct - create your very own font / typeface

Acapela Talking Cards

Dumpr - add fun effects to your photos

Automatoon - easy animation tool

New EA Glow Help page

The EA Glow Help page has been redesigned for simpler navigation. New resources have also been added to the Useful Links page (some of which will be highlighted in this blog).

Wonderful weather sites

Two excellent weather sites for Geography teachers -

Weatherspark - a great-looking site giving detailed maps and graphs of historical, current and forecast weather.

Global clouds - gives near real-time global cloud cover.

These sites and more are listed on the Useful Links page on EA Glow Help.

Onthank P2’s Glow Cookbook

Miss Spence’s P2 Glow group at Onthank Primary School is the topic of a new Glow Cookbook - Onthank’s Glow Cookbook. Glow Cookbooks highlight good practice nationally and give summaries and instructions from real examples of Glow use in schools.

Periodic table of the social web

Here is an interesting infographic giving an overview of the social web (with links) from the blog -

Tools for digital storytelling

Here’s a really useful post from with a list of 10 great sites for digital storytelling (mainly Primary level) -

10 tools for digital storytelling in class

SpiderScribe mindmapping tool

SpiderScribe is a free online mindmapping and brainstorming tool. You can write notes, organise files, images etc in a free-form mindmap. You can also share your mindmap and collaborate with others.

Guide to free web resources for teachers

Richard Byrne’s blog contains an excellent post featuring a nifty guide to 77 free web resources and how they can be used by teachers.

Free Web Resources for Teachers

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