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AudioPal – easy web audio

If you’d like to incorporate audio into your Glow group or blog and you’re looking for an easy way to do it, check out This is an extremely easy to use audio recorder and player that can be embedded in Glow using xml.

It is free and all you have to do is provide your email address.

Add Graphics to your Glow Groups

There are a few different ways of adding graphics to your Glow groups to make them a little bit more attractive.

One way is to use page-builders like or and simply embed those live pages in Glow using the xml webpart. For example, the East Ayrshire homepage on Glow uses Glogster - East Ayrshire Glow.

Another way is to use graphics tools like to create your graphics (banners like that above) and then display them in Glow using Text Editor. Here’s how -

  • Once you’ve created your graphic on Cooltext you have the option to Get HTML code. You’ll need to create a Cooltext account for this.
  • Highlight the HTML code (you may want to miss out some of the code that advertises the site, as long as you link to the site some other way!)
  • In your Glow group, add the Text Editor webpart and open up Text Editor (Edit Content).
  • At the bottom left of your Text Editor you’ll see an icon like this <> for HMTL. Click on this.
  • Paste in your HTML code from the Cooltext site.
  • Click Update then OK.
  • You should now have a nice graphic!

If you want to go crazy and make your banner move across your page, it is quite simple -

  • In Text Editor, click on the <> icon to go to your HTML code.
  • At the beginning of your code add <marquee> and at the end of your code add </marquee> (no spaces or anything rememeber).
  • Click on Update then OK.
  • You now have a moving banner!

There’s much more detailed guidance on using graphics on your Glow groups at this help guide - Creating Graphical Images in Glow.

Mobile phone security

On the theme of Internet Safety and Responsible Use, here is a very effective infographic on the perils of losing your mobile phone from McAfee – useful for PSE / ICT / Internet Safety-themed lessons or assemblies.

More info at  –

Education Blog Awards

Blogs are now used extensively in education for all sorts of things, and with the introduction of Glow Blogs they are even more accessible and user-friendly.

If you use a great class blog why not nominate it for the Education Blog Awards? Visit the site for more details –

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