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Internet Safety cartoons

During the recent Internet Safety and Responsible Use conference, Graham Ogilvie of Ogilvie Design captured the key themes of the conference with a series of cartoons. Twenty of the cartoons are available for anyone to use in the classroom or as part of Internet Safety CPD (please credit the illustrator when using them).

This fantastic resource can be accessed here - ISRU Conference in pictures. And here’s an example -

Glow Maintainance – Downtime

Glow will be unavailable on Saturday 2nd April and Saturday 9th April for maintainance. There is also a planned summer shutdown between Friday 22nd July and Tuesday 26 July (inclusive) for maintainance and updates.

For more on Glow service status visit the site –

Internet Safety and Responsible Use site

LTS / Glow have an excellent Internet Safety and Responsible Use site containing lots of resources, advice and examples of ISRU iniatives from authorities throughout the country.

This site complements the ISRU National Glow group and the ISRU page on the LTS website. Lots of resources on these sites for school staff, pupils and parents.

Burns on Glow Light

This week the image on Glow Light has been supplied by East Ayrshire.

We chose the iconic image of Robert Burns (below) – a photograph of the statue in the Burns Monument Centre, Kay Park, Kilmarnock. This is a stunning and bold image of the national bard, which is very different to previous Glow Light images. Thanks to East Ayrshire Library, Registration and Information Services for allowing us to use this image on Glow.

For Geographers - is an interactive atlas site that allows you to toggle between different features of a map. You also have the option of layering your maps with geographical features, e.g. grassland areas, tundra areas, roads and rail, etc. This site is essentially a Google Maps mash-up.

Using Glow with a Primary 2 class

Miss Spence at Onthank Primary School has an excellent Glow group for her P2 class. This class not only records, displays and promotes the pupils’ activities and achievements, but also contains a Discussion board for pupils to ask questions and communicate. Pupils are logging onto Glow either in school or at home (where parents can view discussions and learn about class activities).

This group is a fantastic example of how very young pupils can engage and interact with Glow as part of classroom activities.

New Glow Meet

The new version of Glow Meet is now available (as a working pilot). This can be added to a Glow Group in the same way as other webparts. You’ll find it in the Virtual Server Gallery and it is called ‘Glow Meet’. The old version is still there for now and it is called ‘Glow Meet Classic’.

 The new Glow Meet uses Adobe Connect which doesn’t require Java but does require Flash 9 or above (which most machines should have). It is a much slicker, more useable web conferencing tool.

 National Glow Meets will still use Glow Meet Classic but we’ll increasingly see the new version take over and replace this, possibly as early as May 2011.

Creative Writing with Prezi

Prezi is a fantastic presentation tool that can be used for all sorts of things (as well as an alternative to Powerpoint).

For example, it can be used as a writing tool for pupils and is particularly suited to poetry or flash fiction. There is an example and brief description of this at the Poetry Foundation blog.

Prezis can be embedded in Glow pages very easily – simply copy the embed code provided and paste it into the xml editor on your Glow page.

Look out for a new EA Glow group giving more ideas for writing with ICT (blogs, wikis, prezi, Glogster, etc) – coming soon.

Using Glow with a Primary 1 Class

P1 teachers at Annanhill Primary have been using Glow to record the class’s activities. Both P1 classes have a Glow group made up of pages for their activities, e. g. Chinese New Year, School Garden, Christmas Crafts, etc. The pages contain a little bit of text to explain the activity and lots of photographs showing the pupils at work. This is a very simple and extremely effective way of using Glow with Early Level pupils. Glow could also be used in this way with a Nursery class. See the image below for an example of one of the pages.

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