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Google search results by reading level

A non-Glow tip!

You can now filter Google search results by reading level. These levels are divided into 3 broad catergories: Basic, Intermediate or Advanced. Go to Advanced Search and chose the level you want. Basic level will return results suitable for most school projects (apart from the Senior Phase). This is an excellent feature for pupils to use to ensure they are reading material they can understand.

More interesting Google features at Google for Educators –

Creative Minds on Glow

Please take a moment to have a  look at some of the fantastic work being done by the Creative Minds team - Creative Minds on Glow.

As well as news, information, projects, events, CPD and web-links relating to all aspects of the expressive arts, you will find loads of valuable resources to support creative approaches to interdisciplinary learning.

Doon Learning Community Glow Drop-In

The Doon Learning Community drop-in for Glow Champions and anyone else interested in Glow will be held on Wednesday 23rd February  in Doon Academy. The session will start at  approx. 3.30 and should last about an hour.

These informal sessions have been very useful so far and take a loose format of

  • Updates on new Glow tools – Glow Light, Wikis and Blogs
  • Learning Community / Transition collaboration opportunities
  • Demo of good examples of Glow use
  • Questions / problems / issues

The Glow Champions Group contains some more info on these sessions and also includes new pages for demos of blogs and wikis.

Peer Mentoring at JHA

James Hamilton Academy now have two pupil-run Peer Mentoring Glow groups – one for P7 and one for S1. Senior pupils add content to these sites, including subject information and information on the support available to new pupils. They also run a discussion area called Talk To Us! where new S1 or P7 pupils can ask the Peer Mentors questions about life at the school. For more information contact Mr Cochrane at James Hamilton Academy.

Auchinleck Transition group

Auchinleck Academy have an excellent Transition Glow group where pupils from primary schools in the area can find out about the Academy and ask questions in the Chat Zone. This is proving to be very popular with P7 pupils and the school are now looking to get S1 and senior pupils involved so that they can answer questions too. The group will also be used for Glow Meets between primaries and the secondary. For more info contact Mr Tickner at Auchinleck Academy.

Get involved in Glow Wikis!

Wikis have arrived on Glow - this opens up exciting possibilities for 21st century teachers and learners. To get started you could take part in Scotland’s Schools wiki - a national collaborative project designed to give every school in Scotland its own wiki page. To add you own school’s page just go to the East Ayrshire page and follow the simple instructions.

Wikis are very easy to use page-building tools, with a focus on collaboration. They are ideal for class use. Get pupils involved with a class or group wiki. They’ll love it!

There is support for wikis on the EA Glow Champions Group, including demo wikis to have a look at and experiment with. There is also an excellent post on Getting Started with Glow Wikis on the Glow Cookbooks site.

Glow Champions group updated

The EA Glow Champions Group has been updated to offer more support to Glow Champions and anyone else with an interest in developing Glow use in schools. The site will act as a forum for staff to look at new developments in Glow, to explore collaborative projects and to identify specific training needs.

In particular there are pages on Glow Wikis and Glow Blogs, which will include demo versions of these tools that can be accessed and edited by anyone. These pages will be used to provide support and ideas for people looking to introduce wikis and blogs in their classroom or professional practice.

The site will also be updated with details of each of the Glow Champions drop-in sessions taking place throughout Feb and March.

Health and Wellbeing on Glow

Take a look at EA’s Health and Wellbeing Glow group - this excellent site contains news, resources, events and CPD opportunities for all staff. The site includes a substantial collection of resources supporting Substance Misuse Education.

For more info contact Alison Crawford, Health & Wellbeing Coordinator.

How to Embed Powerpoint in Glow Blogs

Here is a very useful tip from the Glow Help site on How to Embed Powerpoints in a Glow Blog.

Support for Glow Wikis

There is a page on the Glow Champions Group dedicated to Glow Wikis. This includes one demo wiki which interested staff are welcome to test and experiment with. More demo wikis will be added with different layouts for different uses.

There is also a link to an excellent post on the Glow Cookbooks site - Getting Started with Glow Wikis. This gives some great examples of class wikis from schools across Scotland.

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