Glow Ideas – Novel Study Glow Group

Using a Glow Group to support a class Novel Study is an excellent way to introduce Glow to classroom practice.

It is possible to set up a very basic Glow Group for your class. For example, you could have everything on the Noticeboard page:

  • the book cover image
  • a list of activities relating to the novel study
  • a discussion forum with questions on different aspects of the novel

Or, you could make it more detailed with

  • separate pages for each component of the novel study, e.g. Plot, Characters, Dialogue, Setting …
  • dedicated discussion forums in each page with questions for the pupils or prompts for discussion
  • document upload areas where pupils could submit written work
  • links to relevant websites
  • images relating to the novel e.g. its setting, historical context …
  • embedded videos of pupils reading or acting out scenes from the book

Another suggestion (which has been used in some schools) is to create separate pages for class reading groups, and allowing the pupils to control the content of their group’s page, e.g.

  • add images
  • create their own discussions / questions
  • add presentations
  • add creative writing responses to the novel

If your Novel Study turns into an interdisciplinary project, you could create links to other projects’ Glow Groups or create a page for interdisciplinary work within the Novel Study group.

Examples of Novel Study Glow Groups at East Ayrshire include Lainshaw PS P4 Charlotte\’s Web group and a St John’s PS group [link to be added]. Keep an eye out for more local examples on the East Ayrshire Glow Showcase.

There are also many examples of literacy projects, including Novel Studies, that have successfully used Glow, on Glow Cookbooks, e.g.

P6 Joint Literacy Project

 Using a Discussion Board

P6 Novel Study Glow Group.

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