Beginners’ Tip – Using Page Viewer

The Page Viewer web part is very useful and easy to use. It displays a web page within your Glow Group page.

Page Viewer can be found in the school web part gallery. It is most effective when placed in the Header or Footer – the bigger the better, usually. You may need to change the size of the web part to display the part of the website you want to view (by Modifying Web Part and editing the Appearance settings). You also have the option to change the title of the web part, or to display it without a frame or title at all.

To display a web page you simply need the page’s url (address) and paste it into the box.

Some uses of Page Viewer are

  • to show a website that is relevant to your class’s work, allowing your class to follow the links in that site. This could be useful if you want your class to use the site in conjuntion with some other Glow tools, e.g. a discussion forum.
  • to display an article or piece of text from a website. Again, it can be useful to use this in conjunction with other Glow tools, e.g. discussion forums.
  • to display a web page containing video or sound, while working within the confines of your Glow Group.

One of the advantages of using Page Viewer is that it visually links pupils to an external website, while remaining within the confines of the Glow Group. This can be useful when trying to avoid the distractions of searching and browsing. It means you can use an external website while retaining the focus on the topic of the Glow Group page.

I will also post some Glow Ideas that use Page Viewer for specific purposes.

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